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Cybersecurity and Physical Security
Among industrial targets, the energy sector, and particularly the electric power sector, have become prime targets for cybersecurity attacks. The focus of cybersecurity used to be on the financial sector, but now it has shifted to critical infrastructure and industrial controls.
Smart Energy Use
The New York State Energy Research and Development Authority released a guide for municipalities in the state interested in voluntarily adopting higher efficiency standards for new and renovated buildings.
Energy Storage
The New York State Public Service Commission approved construction of the largest battery storage facility in New York State history. The project will include enough lithium-ion batteries to supply up to a maximum of eight hours of storage capacity at its rated output and will be able to charge and discharge up to 316 MW of power.
Distributed Energy Resources
The Orlando Utilities Commission is poised to add hydrogen and battery energy storage capacity to help integrate the utility’s growing solar fleet.
Electric Vehicles
An analysis of electric bus pilot programs in several cities show that electric buses can provide clean, efficient, cost-effective transportation. In most of the places where they were tested electric buses have met or exceeded expectations in a broad range of climates and terrain types.
Smart Grid
BP Ventures recently led a Series A funding round in Grid Edge, a developer of artificial intelligence technology that enables customers to predict, control and optimize a building’s energy profile. Another traditional oil and gas company, Shell, is investing in another emerging technology, blockchain, for use in the energy sector.
Electricity Markets
FERC approved compliance filings submitted by the PJM Interconnection and the Southwest Power Pool in response to an order that adopted rules aimed at removing barriers to the participation of energy storage resources in wholesale power markets.
Communications and Customer Care
CDE Lightband, the power and broadband services utility for the city of Clarksville, Tennessee considering expanding its use of texting. The utility has seen how it optimizes outage reporting, billing, and customer communications; as well as heard much positive feedback from customers.