Legislative Rally

You are in the best position to talk to Congress about the direct impact of federal action at the local level.
February 26 - 28, 2024
Washington, DC

The next Legislative Rally is scheduled for February 26-February 28, 2024

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Legislative & Resolutions Committee

Members can help shape APPA’s policy priorities by voting on resolutions through the Legislative and Resolutions (L&R) Committee. Each APPA member organization is eligible to designate one employee or governing board member to serve as its voting delegate on the committee.

APPA’s policies on legislation, regulations, and other federal issues are determined through a democratic, grassroots process that occurs annually. The L&R Committee meets once a year at the Legislative Rally, which is typically held in late February or early March. This process begins by APPA members, individually or collectively, drafting proposed policy resolutions and submitting them to the L&R Committee in advance of the its meeting at the annual Legislative Rally.

When a resolution has been adopted by the L&R Committee at the February/March meeting, it becomes APPA policy, with full force and effect, until it is given final consideration at the annual APPA Business Meeting in June.

Only one voting delegate per APPA member organization is allowed. If you have questions about designating a voter please email [email protected].

Members may wish to start by reviewing current policy resolutions. Key questions to ask as you review them are: Has the APPA adopted a policy position that needs to be altered? Have conditions changed so existing positions need to be revised and updated? Are there other issues not previously addressed for which the APPA needs to stake out public power's interests?

All proposed resolutions must be made available to L&R Committee members at least two weeks prior to the meeting so that committee members have adequate time to review them. Therefore, if you are a member and would like to submit any resolutions, please email them to Desmarie Waterhouse, Acting Senior Vice President of Advocacy and Commuications & General Counsel, at [email protected].