DEED R&D Funding

The American Public Power Association’s Demonstration of Energy & Efficiency Developments program funds research, pilot projects, and education to improve the operations and services of public power utilities. Popularly known as DEED, the program uses as its symbol the "eta," a Greek letter used by scientists to denote efficiency. See a program overview.

Is your organization already a DEED member? Check the DEED member list.

DEED Accomplishments

View DEED's new Program Highlights flyer, which summarizes recent accomplishments. Check out this document to quickly access lessons learned from the most recently completed, public power focused, DEED supported, research projects. 

Recent DEED News

The September 2020 DEED Digest includes:

Prior DEED Digest Newsletters here.

Joint action agencies DEED toolkit here.


Any American Public Power Association member utility, joint action agency, or state/regional association may join the DEED program for a fee. As a DEED member, your organization can:

  • Apply for funding: Receive a DEED grant up to $125,000 for a pilot project; early commercialization or new technology demonstration; or the development of best practices, services, tools, and publications that strengthen public power utilities and improve customers’ lives.
  • Share project ideas: Before applying for funding, DEED members may explore potential projects and partnership opportunities with industry vendors that are Association corporate associate members. Use the DEED Idea Exchange.
  • Hire an intern: Boost your workforce development and recruitment efforts through DEED’s scholarship program. Get a student to work at your utility and strengthen relationships with local universities.
  • Learn from other utilities: Search, learn from, and replicate any of 500+ innovative projects, through comprehensive project reports in the DEED project database. These projects cover topics from energy efficiency, demand response, reliability, and lighting, to renewable resources, safety, security, storage, drones, and environmental topics.
  • Access the best resources: Attend DEED webinars at no charge, from the convenience of your office. Enjoy special savings on publications, software, videos, and e-learning on reliability, safety, security, energy efficiency, lighting, environmental management, and more.
  • Obtain discounted resources: The APPA Store carries products, such as those in this flyer, developed through DEED that are sold to a wider audience. DEED members receive complimentary or discounted pricing.

Join DEED today — email us at [email protected] or call 202-467-2900 for membership information.

DEED Membership Dues

Utility members: Dues are 20 percent of Association membership dues with a $115 minimum and $11,500 maximum. Association members that are under the Federal Service Contract category can join DEED with full benefits for a flat fee of $2,500.

Joint action agencies: Joint action agency dues cover the Agency and its Association members for DEED membership. Dues are 20 percent of the combined total of all agency members’ Association dues up to $20,000, plus an additional 10 percent on calculated dues over $20,000. Agencies paying DEED dues on behalf of their Association members receive complimentary DEED membership. 

State and regional associations: Associations can join the DEED program with full benefits for a flat fee of $275.