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Safety Manual

The American Public Power Association’s Safety Manual is the premier source for safety compliance information for utilities and their employees. Updated in 2023 by APPA’s Safety Manual Revision Task Force, the manual is the premier source of information for electric utility safe work practices. Featuring more than 200 changes, the 17th edition includes the latest OSHA and NESC 2023 updates and assists with NESC 2023 compliance. Several sections, including communications and switching, have been added.  

Safety Manual Interpretation Requests and Change Proposals

The SMRT Force welcomes questions to ensure correct implementation of Safety Standards. If you have any questions about the new Safety Manual, you may submit an interpretation request. Address only one topic per request. Should you have questions on multiple topics, submit a separate request for each topic. Please allow up to four weeks for your request to be processed.

If you wish to submit a change for the 17th Edition Safety Manual (to be published in 2023), please use this form. All proposed changes will be considered by the SMRT Force.

Each submission shall only address one topic. Additional submissions must be made for each additional topic. If a change proposal references documents that are not readily available to the SMRT Force, the submitter shall upload materials referenced to supply the SMRT Force.

Safety Awards of Excellence

Member utilities are invited to apply for APPA's safety awards by submitting annual injury and illness incidence rate report forms. Members must submit these forms every year for three consecutive years. Applications are judged in multiple groups based on worker exposure hours. The winners of each group is determined by the lowest overall recordable injuries and illness cases for all staff. All shifts are considered, including operating, producing, maintenance, clerical, and office shifts. Awards are given for first, second, and third place as well as honorable mentions in each competing group.

The 2022 Safety Awards of Excellence will open for entries January 2023. To be considered for an award, your organization must submit an online entry form by January 31, 2023 and comply with the Safety Awards Rules and Regulations. You can also review the Guidelines for Entries for more information about entering the awards and a PDF version of the entry form.

129 public power utilities were awarded for their excellent safety records in 2020. 

Every year APPA releases a safety benchmarking report with tabular and graphical evaluations of the data submitted to the Safety Awards of Excellence. View a copy of the 2020 Safety Awards of Excellence Annual Report here

OSHA Changes

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration updated the 1926 Subpart V (construction) 1910.260 (general industry) standards for electric power generation, transmission, and distribution and electrical protective equipment. Here are some guides to help you comply with amendments to federal regulations 29 CFR 1910.137 and 29 CFR 1910.269.

More Safety Resources

Have a safety question to ask of other utilities? Join the Safety Listserv to ask questions, get answers, and share best practices and resources by completing this form or emailing [email protected]

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