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Energy Storage
The New York Power Authority is moving ahead with its first large-scale energy storage project, establishing a 20-megawatt demonstration facility adjacent to an existing substation in Northern New York.
Energy Storage
Minnesota’s investor-owned utilities must consider energy storage in their long-term resource plans, a move that could put pressure on the use of natural gas peaker plants in the state.
Bonds and Financing
Fitch Ratings has upgraded bonds issued by the Berkshire Wind Power Cooperative Corporation (BWPCC) from A+ to AA-.
Smart Grid
When the temperatures were in the upper 90s and humidity was high during the July 20 weekend, Belmont Municipal Light Department for the first time tapped an innovative demand response program to lower its load.
Data gathered under a pilot project utilizing drone technology to digitally map Guam Power Authority’s power lines, poles and other line hardware data will help GPA with maintenance forecasting, deployment of manpower and equipment.
Electricity Markets
While legislation recently signed into law does not change the view of S&P Global Ratings that the state’s public power utilities are exposed to wildfire liability claims, the rating agency nevertheless believes that public power utilities in California are generally less exposed to wildfire-related claims than their investor-owned utility counterparts.
Electricity Markets
Federal Energy Regulatory Commission staff in early July issued for public comment a revised set of performance metrics for regional transmission organizations (RTOs) and independent system operators (ISOs), as well as a set of metrics that are also applicable to utilities located outside of an RTO or ISO.
Smart Energy Use
California’s publicly-owned utilities have collectively spent more than $1.8 billion on energy efficiency and demand reduction programs since formal reporting began in 2006, saving nearly 82,000 GWh in net energy during that time, a new report says.