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Smart Energy Use
Officials from American Public Power Association member utilities recently gathered in the Association’s offices in Virginia to evaluate the first-ever applications submitted for the Association’s Smart Energy Provider (SEP) program, a new leading practices designation for public power utilities in
Distributed Energy Resources
Scout Clean Energy announced the completion of a power purchase agreement with Minnesota Municipal Power Agency for the purchase of 200 megawatts of energy from the Three Waters Wind Farm in Jackson County, Minn.
Electricity Markets
A bankruptcy court judge recently gave Pacific Gas and Electric a win in what will likely be a continuing battle over the utility’s possible rejection of power purchase agreements (PPAs), but the fight is not yet over.
Distributed Energy Resources
The Illinois Municipal Electric Agency has entered into a 15-year agreement to purchase 50 megawatts of wind energy output annually from the Green River Wind Farm in northwestern Illinois.
Fifteen individuals and nine utilities were recognized for service to the American Public Power Association and the public power industry during an awards ceremony at the Association’s National Conference in Austin, Texas.
Decosta Jenkins, president and CEO of Nashville Electric Service in Nashville, Tennessee, was installed as chair of the American Public Power Association Board of Directors at the Association’s National Conference in Austin, Texas, on June 12.
Communications and Customer Care
Customers are increasingly dependent on their mobile phones and rely on apps and texts for all types of transactions, service reminders and alerts. They expect the same from their electric utility. For utilities, text messaging is highly effective for communicating outage notifications, weather alerts, tree trimming operations, and payment reminders to their customers.
Distributed Energy Resources
The state of New Jersey on June 10 released a draft 2019 Energy Master Plan that provides an initial blueprint for the conversion of New Jersey’s energy profile to 100 percent clean energy by 2050, as directed by an executive order from Gov. Phil Murphy.