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Bonds and Financing
The Western Area Power Administration has returned $281 million to the U.S. Treasury in its fiscal year 2019 return. The news follows the Bonneville Power Administration reporting that it made its 36th consecutive U.S. Treasury payment on time and in full.
Pacific Gas & Electric started shutting off power in 22 California counties, with shutoffs in a dozen more counties set to start at noon in an effort to prevent wildfires caused by high winds taking down power lines.
Smart Grid
A look at how EPB, a public power utility in Tennessee, continuously innovates to keep up with changing technologies and lifestyles, and to continue to position the Chattanooga community for success.
Distributed Energy Resources
As the power sector undergoes the next phase of its transformation from grid modernization to a “flexible grid,” the requirements of a flexible grid align at least in some measure with the capabilities of blockchain technology, said Scott Clavena, Chairman of Greentech Media. Clavena made his
Distributed Energy Resources
The California Public Utilities Commission has started a process to create a policy framework for commercializing microgrids. The rulemaking, approved last month, grew out a bill that requires the PUC to develop standards, protocols, guidelines, rates and tariffs that support microgrid development
With its electric service territory growth and its wholesale power supply locked in, Elk River Municipal Utilities is now looking at internal processes and enhancing customer experience. The utility is modernizing and streamlining its various systems known collectively as enterprise software, including functions such as billing, accounting, engineering, and outage management.
Bills and Rates
Google will build a $600 million data center in Nebraska, taking advantage of an Omaha Public Power District rate designed to help meet the needs of large-power, high voltage transmission-level customers. Facebook utilized the OPPD rate for its data center in the state.
Communications and Customer Care
An overview of what public power utilities across the U.S. are doing to celebrate Public Power Week, Oct 6-12, to help customers understand the benefits of being Community Powered.