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The Federal Communications Commission does not have legal authority to regulate public power pole attachments due to the clear public power exemption from federal pole attachment regulations set forth in section 224 of the Communications Act, the American Public Power Association said.
California’s Sacramento Municipal Utility District has been recognized as the 2019 Public Power Utility of the Year by the Smart Electric Power Alliance.
Read about the latest leadership changes and achievements in the public power community. This column features updates from City Utilities of Springfield, the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power and Hometown Connections.
Electricity Markets
A petition for a declaratory order that asks the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission to find that it would have jurisdiction over a plan that calls for the transport of an electrolyte discharged from a flow battery across state lines should be turned aside by the Commission because it does not present an appropriate case for a declaratory ruling, the American Public Power Association said.
Energy Storage
A new report from the Iowa Economic Development Authority makes a series of recommendations for energy storage, including a tentative endorsement of a tax credit for battery storage systems.
Power Sources
There should be time for a reasonable transition when it comes to a utility’s move to a 100 percent carbon free or renewable energy portfolio, said Dave Geschwind, executive director and CEO of Southern Minnesota Municipal Power Agency at the American Public Power Association’s 2019 National Conference in Austin, Texas.
Power Sources
Southern Power, a subsidiary of investor-owned Southern Company, completed the previously announced sale of the Nacogdoches Generating Facility to Texas public power Austin Energy for $460 million, subject to customary working capital adjustments.
Cybersecurity and Physical Security
A cyber hacking group known as Xenotime has probed U.S. electric utilities, according to recent reports in the news media and elsewhere.