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eReliability Tracker

Subscribe to the eReliability Tracker, a web-based service to collect and analyze your outage and restoration data. You can run reports to view a monthly snapshot of your utility’s reliability performance, identify problem areas and common outage causes, and calculate IEEE 1366 reliability indices.

Available to an unlimited number of users at your utility, eReliability Tracker helps you simplify operational decisions by providing detailed outage summary reports.

Subscribers receive an annual national reliability report customized to your utility size and region, so you can benchmark your reliability performance. See a sample utility annual report.

Joint action agencies may subscribe to eReliability Tracker for a group of utilities and receive a customized annual report.

eReliability Tracker subscribers may also qualify to receive a reliability certificate of excellence (see a sample certificate). Recipients are determined by comparing a utility's eReliability Tracker data with national reliability data from the Energy Information Administration. To receive a certificate, the utility's data must fall within the top 25% of utilities for System Average Interruption Duration Index.

The latest version of eReliability Tracker includes circuit and substation naming; simultaneous multiple users; multiyear collection and data categorization; advanced outage and equipment tracking; and Joint Action Agency-level management. Order your subscription now.

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