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Distributed Energy Resources
The board of directors of California community choice aggregator East Bay Community Energy approved an additional two agreements totaling 225 megawatts of solar power capacity, along with 80 MW/160 MWh of battery energy storage.
Distributed Energy Resources
An official with the Sacramento Municipal Utility District detailed a project that will utilize blockchain-enabled tokens as part of an effort to encourage EV owners to charge their vehicles at workplaces when local renewables peak during the day.
Energy Storage
The Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee passed a comprehensive, bipartisan energy storage package that included legislation supported by the American Public Power Association.
Electricity Markets
The Bonneville Power Administration has signed a Western Energy Imbalance Market Implementation Agreement with the California Independent System Operator that signals the beginning of work on projects that need to be completed before BPA can start EIM operations.
Electricity Markets
A new report calls for the establishment of a forward clean energy market that would create a competitive market for clean energy attribute credits defined as a certificate for one megawatt hour of clean energy supply to meet a state’s goal.
Electric Vehicles
Silicon Valley Clean Energy, a California community choice aggregator, released an electric vehicle infrastructure joint action plan that assesses and prioritizes future EV charging needs across local communities. The plan outlines new SVCE programs focused on deployment of charging infrastructure needed to sustain and accelerate rapid adoption of electric vehicles
Imperial Irrigation District brought online a first-of-its-kind community solar project for all of IID’s qualified, low-income customers in the Imperial and Coachella valleys. The solar project will generate 30 megawatts of power for the IID grid under a 23-year purchase power agreement.
Bills and Rates
Consumers are interested in alternative rate plans, but outreach and education are needed to spur enrollments, according to a new study by the Smart Energy Consumer Collaborative. The study comes as utilities explore new rate designs as a way of better aligning their energy costs to customer usage.