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Protecting Public Power from Buyout Threats

The public power business model is based on the tenets of local decision-making, not-for-profit operations, low-cost delivery of service, and an ultimate focus on the needs of customers. This model has long been successful. However, at times, communities may debate whether the community should continue to own and operate its utility. The American Public Power Association has resources to assist in understanding the benefits of public power and the impacts of a potential sale.

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Sellout Report CoverThe Future of Your Utility: Positioning Your Community to Succeed in a Sellout Evaluation

This guidebook will help you better understand the value of your community-owned utility and the importance of running your utility effectively. It will also help you identify warning signs that your utility may become a target of a sellout attempt and provide you with tools to make an informed evaluation on the retention or sale of your utility. Steps covered include how to prepare for a sellout evaluation, respond to a threat, and communicate with stakeholders during a sellout evaluation. 

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What is Public Power?

Explains the public power business model, how public power differs from investor-owned or cooperative utilities and other basics. Read the chapter (PDF).

Benefits of Public Power

Explores the many benefits public power utilities may offer, in 4 broad categories: local choice, reliable customer service, affordable prices, and local economic development. Read the chapter (PDF).

Preventing a Sellout Attempt from Emerging

The best defense against a sellout attempt is a well-run utility and customer-owners who understand the value of public power ownership. Read the chapter (PDF).

Communicating the Value of Public Power

Good communication and public relations are vital long before a sellout attempt ever emerges. Learn how to lay the groundwork for customer loyalty long before the privatization attempt. Read the chapter (PDF).

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Municipalization Resources

Learn more about establishing a publicly owned electric utility. Public power utilities bring many benefits to their communities. At times, communities served by other types of utilities may explore what it would take to form a new public power utility – a process referred to as “municipalization.” APPA has resources that may help you evaluate whether forming a new community-owned electric utility is right for you.

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