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Electricity Markets
A California renewable energy program and related contract violate PURPA, according to the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals. The decision could affect renewable energy developers in the West and comes as FERC considers revamping PURPA rules.
Energy Storage
Public power experienced significant growth in energy storage deployment in 2018 with a 1,435.5% increase over 2017. Public power utilities placed in the top 10 rankings for energy storage deployments in 2018, according to a report from SEPA.
Power Sources
Recent forecasts from the U.S. Energy Information Administration show that natural gas continues to gain ground against coal. Higher-than-normal temperatures and relatively low natural gas prices are contributing to increased gas consumption by electric generators.
Electric Vehicles
Coordinating standards for charging facilities is essential for widespread adoption of electric vehicles. A new paper identifies four key challenges to interoperability.
Communications and Customer Care
Seattle City Light’s new Denny substation has about 44,000 square feet of open space, solar panels, and a heat recovery system. It includes community event spaces and public art.
Bonds and Financing
S&P Global Ratings recently raised its rating to 'AA' on Pasadena, California’s existing electric revenue bonds to recognize a competitive market position and the future flexibility to meet environmental requirements.
Communications and Customer Care
Commonwealth Utilities Corporation in the Northern Mariana Islands is the latest in a long list of public power utilities that have leveraged the benefits of the American Public Power Association’s customized, onsite trainings over the years.
Smart Grid
Energy Storage
Utility grid modernization activity in the second quarter of 2019 rose 43% from the second quarter of 2018, with energy storage leading as the most common action. 44 states, as well as DC and Puerto Rico, took actions related to grid modernization.