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Power Sources
Utility demand for coal will decline significantly in the next ten years, reducing coal-fired generation to as little as 11% of the overall U.S. power generation by 2030, according to a new report from Moody’s Investors Service.
Smart Energy Use
One hundred residential customers of Holland Board of Public Works in Michigan have funded energy efficiency measures in their home through an on-bill loan program that has issued more than $1.5 million to date.
Distributed Energy Resources
Seattle City Light is building a $3.3 million demonstration project that includes a microgrid controller, rooftop solar panels, and a lithium-ion battery storage system at a community center in the city.
The Lower Colorado River Authority has signed a contract to add 141 megawatts of solar power to its generation portfolio to serve its wholesale customers beginning in 2021.
Power Sources
The public power utility serving San Antonio, Texas, launched the next phase of its plan for a flexible generation portfolio over the next 20 years, which includes adding solar, storage, and natural gas.
Maine Gov. Janet Mills signed legislation directing the state’s Public Utilities Commission to evaluate the creation of a consumer-owned electric utility that would take over the functions of the state’s existing investor-owned utilities.
The American Public Power Association and several other groups are urging the DOE to hold a meeting on a Federal Communications Commission proposal to open the 6 GHz band to unlicensed use, which could lead to significant reliability concerns for the U.S. energy and water sectors.
The Department of Energy issued a request for information related to the resilience of electric infrastructure against severe weather events.