Stats and Facts

The Public Power Statistical Report contains a variety of data about public power and the electric sector. More reports are available on our Industry Statistics and Reports page.

three types of electric utilities



public power utilities Rural Electric Cooperatives Investor Owned Utilities
Business Model

Not for profit, community-owned

Not for profit, member-owned

For profit, shareholder-owned

FERC Jurisdiction

Only for interstate transmission

Only for interstate transmission

For wholesale rates

Regulated by State Public Utility Commission

Very limited instances



Governed By

Elected/appointed boards – mayors, city council members, citizens

Member-elected boards

Private boards

the number of electric utilities in the US by type

a chart of the number of utilities by type

percent of custoemrs served by utility type

investor owned 68% public power 15% rural coops 13%  power marketers 4%

One in sevent electricity customers is served by public power

Most publicpower utilities serve less than 4,000 customers

Public power owns between 10-16% of generation, transmission, and distribution

Two thirds of public power sources are owned by public power

residential public power customers pay less on average than customers of other utility types

Public power employs 93,000 people and earns $58 billion annually

public power utilities give back to their communities

5.6% of electric operating revenues go back to public power communities

public power means local control, low rates, and high reliability