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Bonds and Financing
S&P Global Ratings expects that public power and electric cooperative utilities will continue to face “significant uncertainties” in 2019, but S&P nevertheless believes that “these utilities will maintain sound credit quality, as they have in recent years.”
Electricity Markets
The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission on Jan. 25 clarified that it has concurrent jurisdiction with bankruptcy courts to review and address the disposition of wholesale power contracts sought to be rejected through bankruptcy.
Electricity Markets
Te American Public Power Association has a full plate of legislative priorities for the year including potential infrastructure legislation that could include an energy title and being ready to fight any further attempts to divest the transmission assets held by the Tennessee Valley Authority and Power Marketing Administrations (PMAs), said Delia Patterson, the Association’s Senior Vice President, Advocacy & Communications and General Counsel.
Electric Vehicles
Vermont’s Burlington Electric Department has unveiled a series of incentives for electric vehicles, including an off-peak charging rate that equates to 60 cents a gallon of gasoline.
Electricity Markets
The U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit on Jan. 15 affirmed Federal Energy Regulatory Commission decisions in a proceeding involving investor-owned San Diego Gas & Electric and FERC’s transmission “abandonment incentive.”
The Orlando Utilities Commission is setting up a highly granular weather monitoring system that will be used to help make dispatch decisions as real-time weather changes affect the output from solar panels as well as customer load.
Electricity Markets
Facing a shrinking reserve margin, Texas utility regulators have ordered the Electric Reliability Council of Texas to make a change to its “operating reserve demand curve," which will increase real-time prices when power supplies are limited.
Public power utilities across the country are helping federal workers affected by the ongoing federal government shutdown by deferring bill payments, waiving late fees, and extending other concessions. Utilities are also reminding affected customers of existing money-saving and general assistance programs.