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Distributed Energy Resources
A draft 2019 resource released by PacifiCorp calls for nearly 600 megawatts of battery storage by 2025 and more than 2,800 MW of battery storage by 2038 and identifies battery storage as part of a least-cost portfolio for the first time.
Distributed Energy Resources
Microsoft and ENGIE have signed a long-term solar and wind power purchase agreement that is structured to provide around-the-clock energy. The PPA includes a volume firming agreement that converts the intermittent renewable energy supply into a fixed 24-by-7 power solution aligned with Microsoft’s energy needs.
Distributed Energy Resources
Several public power utilities are included on top 10 lists compiled by the National Renewable Energy Laboratory for utility green pricing programs. The recently released rankings are for 2018.
Electricity Markets
President Donald Trump intends to nominate James Danly, the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission’s general counsel, to serve as a FERC Commissioner for the remainder of a five-year term expiring June 30, 2023.
Heartland Consumers Power District has developed a solar power calculator for its customers using an American Public Power Association Demonstration of Energy and Efficiency Developments program grant. The DEED project ran from May 15 to Aug. 20.
Electricity Markets
The California Independent System Operator in October will start a stakeholder process that could lead to a regional day-ahead power market in the western U.S., which could save up $119 million to $227 million a year, according to an initial estimate.
Electric Vehicles
The American Public Power Association joined a coalition of more than sixty utilities, automakers, and environmental groups in a letter to House and Senate Leadership in support of legislation that would expand the electric vehicle (EV) tax credit.
Distributed Energy Resources
Energy storage coupled with solar isn’t yet economic, but Austin Energy is taking steps to be ready when it is, according to a report from the public power utility.