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Energy Storage
The Omaha Public Power District (OPPD) has won a $600,000 grant to fund a pilot project that would be the first utility scale battery energy storage device on the utility’s system.
Electric Vehicles
A group representing over a dozen West Coast utilities has released a report that recommends adding electric vehicle charging stations for freight haulers and delivery trucks along the interstate corridor running from Canada to Mexico.
Cybersecurity and Physical Security
Working remotely during the COVID-19 pandemic has been a lifesaver, but it has also brought new threats.
Energy Efficiency
Energy New England (ENE) will provide online energy audits and an integrated marketplace to member utilities, using the MyEnergyXpert platform developed by Canadian SaaS company EnergyX Solutions, ENE said on June 11. ENE works with numerous Municipal Light Plants (MLPs) in New England to deliver
Bonds and Financing
The City of Garland and Garland Power & Light (GP&L) have earned positive bond ratings from multiple agencies. Fitch Ratings has assigned an AAA rating to the City of Garland’s $16.7 million combination tax and revenue certificates of obligation, series 2020, which is the highest bond rating
Disaster Response and Mutual Aid
In the wake of severe storms that recently hit parts of Michigan, several public power utilities rallied to help each other with power restoration efforts.
Bills and Rates
The American Public Power Association is urging its member utilities to reach out to their congressional delegation this week in support of legislation that would provide direct COVID-19 pandemic-related aid for public power utilities.
Electricity Markets
Federal Energy Regulatory Commissioner Bernard McNamee on June 18 said that he intends to continue serving as a Commissioner for the foreseeable future. He made his remarks at FERC’s monthly open meeting. In January, McNamee announced that he would not seek another term at the Commission but said he