Policy Positions

Issue Briefs

The American Public Power Association’s policy positions are reflected in the issue briefs listed below on various topics as well as in resolutions approved annually by members. APPA also acts on members’ behalf through regulatory comments and filings with various federal administrative agencies as well as in the courts.

Build America Bond Sequestration [PDF] Direct Payment of Refundable Tax Credits [PDF] Distributed Energy Resources [PDF]
Electric Vehicles [PDF] Energy Efficiency [PDF] Federal Efforts to Address Climate Change [PDF]
Federal Power Program [PDF] Grid Security [PDF] Hydropower [PDF]
Municipal Bonds [PDF] Nuclear Power [PDF] Pole Attachment Regulations [PDF]
Stafford Act Reform [PDF] Transmission Policies [PDF] Wholesale Markets and RTOs [PDF]
6 GHz Spectrum Band [PDF]    

Fact Sheets

Electricity Generation [PDF]
Explanation of Extreme Weather Power Outages and Price Spikes [PDF]


APPA’s policy positions are reflected in the resolutions approved by the membership in 2021. Resolutions are proposed annually by interested members, adopted by the Legislative & Resolutions Committee, and voted on by all members at the annual Association Business Meeting.

21-01: In Support of Energy Storage 21-05: In Opposition to the Sequestration of Direct Payment Bonds
21-02: Regarding Federal Involvement in Service Territory Disputes 21-06: In Support of Federal Incentives for Utility-Scale Hydrogen Energy Storage Projects
21-03: In Support of Broadband Deployment and Local Control of Pole Attachments 21-07: In Support of Facilitating the Removal and Relocation of Sediment from Hydropower Reservoirs Impacted by the Effects of Climate Change
21-04: The Need for a Strong Federal Response to the Economic Crisis Caused by the COVID-19 Pandemic

Regulatory Filings

For all environmental filings, please click here. Below are filings made with the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC).