Policy Positions

Issue Briefs

The American Public Power Association’s policy positions are reflected in the issue briefs listed below on various topics as well as in resolutions approved annually by members. APPA also acts on members’ behalf through regulatory comments and filings with various federal administrative agencies as well as in the courts.

Sequestration of Bond and Tax Credit Payments [PDF] Critical Infrastructure and Supply Chain Constraints [PDF] Energy Efficiency [PDF]
Distributed Energy Resources [PDF] Electric Vehicles [PDF] Grid Security [PDF]
Federal Efforts to Address Climate Change [PDF] Federal Power Program [PDF] Nuclear Power [PDF]
Hydropower [PDF] Municipal Bonds [PDF] Disaster Recovery, Hazard Mitigation, and the Stafford Act [PDF]
Pole Attachment Regulations [PDF] Streamlining Energy Infrastructure Permitting [PDF] Electric Reliability & Affordability and the Importance of Natural Gas [PDF]
Electric Transmission Policies [PDF] Direct Pay Tax Credits [PDF]  

Fact Sheets and White Papers

Electricity Generation [PDF]

Environmental Justice: The Roles and Responsibilities of Public Power


APPA’s policy positions are reflected in the resolutions approved by the Legislative & Resolutions Committee in March 2022. Resolutions are proposed annually by interested members, adopted by the Legislative & Resolutions Committee, and voted on by all members at the annual Association Business Meeting.

22-01: In Support of a Federal Clean Energy Standard That Reduces Greenhouse Gas Emissions to Address Climate Change While Keeping Electricity Affordable and Reliable 22-07: In Support of Protecting the Public Power Business Model
22-02: In Support of Transmission Policies That Deliver Reliable and Affordable Electricity for Public Power Customers 22-08: In Support of Municipal Bond Modernization
22-03: Addressing Acute Natural Gas Supply Scarcity and Price Spikes 22-09: Derivatives and Risk Management for Public Power Utilities
22-04: In Support of Tax-Exempt Municipal Bond Financing 22-10: Federal Support for Utility Workforce Development Efforts
22-05: In Support of Comparable Energy Tax Incentives for Public Power 22-11: In Support of Colorado River Basin Drought Assistance
22-06: Public Power Position on Preparing for, Responding to, and Recovering from Disasters 22-12: In Support of Hydropower, the Federal Columbia River Power System, and Opposing Breach of the Lower Snake River Dams

Helpful Advocacy Resources

Regulatory Filings

For all environmental filings, please click here. Below are filings made with the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC).