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Across the nation, approximately 2,000 public power utilities provide electricity to more than 54 million people. Public power serves 49 states — all except Hawaii — and the territories of American Samoa, Guam, Northern Mariana Islands, Puerto Rico, and the U.S. Virgin Islands.

Of the nation’s public power utilities, about 1,400 are members of the American Public Power Association.

Our members include more than 100 joint action agencies and state/regional associations. Joint action agencies procure and supply wholesale power and a range of advocacy, operational, and business services for groups of public power utilities, to leverage economies of scale and strength in numbers. State and regional public power associations offer state and local advocacy, education and training, and other services to their member utilities.

APPA has nearly 300 associate members comprising industry partners and vendors, government entities, other types of electric utilities, and students.

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Of our members, 27 of the largest public power utilities are part of the Large Public Power Council. Some of our members belong to the Transmission Access Policy Study Group. APPA works with LPPC and TAPS on public policy and advocacy.

Public Power by State

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Associate Members

Associate membership is offered to various types of organizations and individuals, include companies that provide goods and services to the industry, community choice aggregators, for-profit private wholesale and retail energy providers, government entities, educational institutions, nonprofits, and students.

Among the corporate members, there is an elite membership for those who want maximum exposure to public power utilities. Click here to see a rundown of current elite corporate associate members.