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APPA Engage is the place for public power professionals to network virtually and collaborate with peers who experience similar successes and challenges.

As a community member, you can:

  • Discuss the latest practices, ask questions, share ideas, and explore trends
  • Access a repository of information and knowledge specific to public power
  • Save time and effort in finding vetted strategies that work
  • Build lasting relationships with a robust community dedicated to fulfilling public power’s mission.

Join community groups on all topics of interest to you to discuss concerns, ask questions, get answers, and share best practices and resources with colleagues from utilities like yours across the country. 

Click on the community group titles below to post to a group. If you’re already a part of that group, your post will go through. If you are not in a group but would like to join, go to APPA Engage to request to join that and any other group.

Accounting & Finance
Discuss general accounting, finance, auditing, budgeting, and compliance with utility accounting standards.

Corporate Associate Members
For corporate members to exchange ideas. Utility members can also participate and submit questions to corporate members. APPA staff can distribute information on membership and sponsorship opportunities, RFPs, and calls for ideas.

Customer Services
Discuss service technologies and processes for residential, commercial and industrial consumers and key accounts topics such as commercial and industrial customer relationships and economic development issues.

DEED Membership
Learn about and share information related to APPA's grant and scholarship program.

Electric Vehicles
Discuss issues related to electric vehicle deployment, programs, and infrastructure needs.

Energy Innovation
Discuss how to prepare for industry changes and address strategic planning, grid modernization, enhanced services, distributed energy resources, new business partnerships, and rate design.

Energy Services
Discuss energy efficiency and load management programs, integrated resource planning, and energy products and services.

Provides a forum for exchanging information, ideas, and viewpoints on environmental related matters, particularly in the area of regulatory developments and compliance requirements.  Other discussion points include, but are not limited to, renewable and distributed generation, energy storage, energy efficiency as it relates to environmental compliance.

Federal Funding Opportunities
The latest news on funding available through the federal programs (see also Federal Infrastructure Law: Opportunities for Public Power).

Human Resources
Discuss labor relations, compensation and benefits, training, and other HR policies and practices.

Discuss IT issues — enterprise-wide strategic planning, equipment, and data and information processing.

Joint Action Agencies
Discuss issues related to the administration of joint action agencies.

Discuss legal issues with utility in-house and outside counsel.

Member CEOs
A network of the top leaders at public power utilities and JAAs/associations.

Mutual Aid
Discuss disaster preparedness and get help in handling emergencies and outages.

Public Communications
Discuss public and employee communications, public education, media relations, and marketing.

Rate Design
Discuss costing, pricing, and market analysis.

Risk Management & Insurance
Discuss risk retention, risk transfer, loss control, claims management, and insurance options.

Discuss safety policies and practices and the public power Safety Manual, OSHA, NESC and NEC topics.

Discuss physical and cybersecurity issues.

State Legislation
For utility staff doing state-level advocacy and policy work to connect.

Supply Management
Discuss issues related to the supply chain, including challenges and needs, opportunities, policies and practices.

Transmission and Distribution
Discuss construction, operation and maintenance of utility transmission and distribution equipment.

Updates on Key Issues

To get email updates from American Public Power Association staff on news and resources on the topics listed below, just request to be added to any of the APPA Engage lists below.

Federal Energy Regulatory Commission proposed rules, comments, orders, and court cases.

Government Relations
Issues and developments in Congress and on legislative issues.

North American Electric Reliability Corporation and North American Energy Standards Board activities and standards.

Power Marketing Administrations
Inform and engage our members who are interested in specific issues facing the four federal Power Marketing Administrations (BPA, SEPA, SWPA, WAPA) that market federal hydropower.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Can I Access APPA Engage?

Go to Engage.PublicPower.org and follow the login process. Your login is the same email and password you use to access your member benefits on www.PublicPower.org.

What if I don’t have/don’t know my login?

Click on the “Forgot your password?” or “New user?” links below the blue login button. Even if you haven’t logged in as a user, if you have an email address that APPA reaches you on, then you already have a user account – so you probably want to start with the “Forgot password?” feature to reset your password. Email [email protected] if you have any difficulty creating an APPA login.

How can I post to a group?

You can either send an email directly to the group email address, which is where posts are sent from, or you can create a post from the “discussion” tab when logged in and on the main group page. You do not need to login to send an email to the group. The email address for your group is in your original welcome email and on the top of every group on the APPA Engage platform.

How can I join other groups?

You can request to join a group from the list of “suggested groups” shown in the dark blue left-hand sidebar. Individuals connected to APPA members have access to participate in these groups, with some exceptions based on role or organization type.

Do I need to whitelist anything to receive APPA Engage emails?

If you think your email security policies mean you may need to whitelist the domains from which you’ll receive APPA Engage emails, you can ask your IT department to whitelist the following:
  • @engage.publicpower.org
  • @app.mobilize.io
  • @american-public-power-association.mobilize.io

How can I change my default email settings?

When logged in, click on “Profile Settings”, which is linked under your name from the avatar in the top right corner of the screen. You can toggle on/off the array of options within the “Notifications” section, including a weekly highlights, daily digest, or immediate notifications depending on the type of post for the community overall and by each group you are part of.

What if I’m not receiving emails from the group?

Be sure to check that your system has the group email address whitelisted. If you have confirmed this but are still not receiving the notifications you wish via email, reach out to your group moderator or email us at [email protected].

What can I post on APPA Engage?

All discussions, chats, and activity on APPA Engage must be in line with APPA’s Antitrust policy. The groups are for your benefit in sharing ideas, information, and solutions. Sales and solicitation are strictly forbidden. Anyone that violates the terms of service or solicitation policy may be removed from the Engage platform by APPA staff.

Can I Access APPA Engage from the mobile app of the same name?

Not at this time, but we are working toward integrating it into the mobile app in the future.

Who can I reach out to with more questions or for further assistance?

Please contact our team at [email protected].