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Commercial and industrial customers never want their operations disrupted by power outages, which results in lost profits and harms their reputations. How are some leading public power utilities keeping the lights on during extended grid outages? CPS Energy found a solution through Enchanted Rock, LLC.
Wind, solar, and natural gas will account for almost all electric generating capacity additions in 2020, with wind and solar additions more than triple the expected added gas capacity.
Analysts cite low price of renewables as trigger for a new wave of decarbonization this decade.
Bonds and Financing
The agency’s latest outlook cites climate change, environmental regulations, emerging technology as key factors affecting sector’s financial health in the coming year.
Members of the American Public Power Association are invited to nominate candidates for the American Public Power Association's 2020-2021 board of directors. The nomination form must be submitted electronically by February 11, 2020.
Several trade groups, including the American Public Power Association, released a study showing how opening up the 6 GHz bandwidth to unlicensed users could interfere with critical infrastructure.
An appeals court ordered the Minnesota Public Utilities Commission to consider the environmental effects of an out-of-state power project.
The most recent report on California’s efforts to curb greenhouse gas emissions found that while GHG emissions have declined, the state’s existing range of policies shows uneven cost effectiveness of a wide variety of programs. Annual emissions from the electricity sector have declined by about 40%