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Electricity Markets
The American Public Power Association is disappointed that President Trump’s report on government reorganization proposes to divest the transmission assets held by the Tennessee Valley Authority and three of the Power Marketing Administrations: Southwestern Power Administration, Western Area Power Administration, and Bonneville Power Administration.
Smart Energy Use
Advanced metering infrastructure systems have many benefits, especially for public power utilities that serve growing communities. While AMI systems have been cost prohibitive for many public power utilities, over the past decade technological advances have come together that make AMI more affordable.
Electricity Markets
Partly driven by baseload power plant retirements, the Southwest and Southern California are vulnerable to natural gas pipeline disruptions, which could cause power outages, according to a report released by the Western Electricity Coordinating Council.
Energy Storage
A new roadmap is recommending that New York offer $350 million in incentives to help reach a goal of adding 1,500 megawatts of energy storage by 2025. The roadmap outlines regulatory, market and policy changes that should be taken to get to the target.
Electric Vehicles
The Pacific Northwest Utility Transportation Electrification Collaborative, a group of Northwest utilities and public utility districts, on June 19 released a study aimed at better understanding the economic, environmental and other regional benefits related to the electrification of transportation.
A North American Electric Reliability Corporation report that offers an overview of bulk power system (BPS) performance in 2017 from a reliability perspective includes six key findings in areas such as cyber and physical security and hurricanes, as well as related recommendations.
Electric Vehicles
California, Maryland and Connecticut are zero-emission vehicle (ZEV) states that are in the top tier of rankings included in the Electrification Coalition’s inaugural “ZEV Scorecard.”
Coleman Smoak, general manager of Piedmont Municipal Power Agency in Greer, South Carolina, was installed as chair of the American Public Power Association Board of Directors on June 20 at the Association’s National Conference in New Orleans, Louisiana.