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Electricity Markets
The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission on Oct. 17 initiated proceedings that will examine how ISO New England, the PJM Interconnection and the Southwest Power Pool are implementing the exemption from competitive selection processes afforded to immediate need reliability projects. In Order 1000,
Distributed Energy Resources
The New York State Public Service Commission expanded compensation eligibility for renewables hosted by customers of the New York Power Authority located for excess electricity generated by eligible distributed energy resources projects.
Communications and Customer Care
CDE Lightband, the power and broadband services utility for the city of Clarksville, Tennessee has seen how texting optimizes outage reporting, billing, and customer communications; as well as heard much positive feedback from customers and is now considering expanding its use.
Electric Vehicles
The Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection issued a draft electric vehicle roadmap for the state that identifies a number of policies, programs, and strategies to help Connecticut accelerate customer adoption of EVs and expand the associated charging infrastructure.
Distributed Energy Resources
Cuyahoga County, Ohio, the City of Cleveland, Cleveland Public Power and the Cleveland Foundation jointly issued a request for qualifications (RFQ) for developers interested in constructing a microgrid in downtown Cleveland.
Distributed Energy Resources
The Sacramento Municipal Utility District wants to ensure that it captures the value of intellectual property (IP) that it develops when entering strategic alliances with companies. SMUD has developed a program where utility employees are taught how to detect and protect IP.
Pacific Gas & Electric began advance notifications to customers that it may be proactively turning power off for safety and conducting a Public Safety Power Shutoff on late Wednesday evening. The warning comes after the utility earlier this month initiated a massive power shutoff that has drawn the attention of state utility regulators.
Elk River Municipal Utilities is modernizing and streamlining its various systems known collectively as enterprise software, including functions such as billing, accounting, engineering, and outage management.