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Communications and Customer Care
Offering broadband services helps public power utilities achieve two goals at once. For one thing, they can incentivize economic development in their service area. They can also add a new source of revenue to help offset any decline in electricity sales.
Electricity Markets
Marking the latest sign that cities in California are increasingly interested in community choice aggregation, San Diego, seven nearby cities and San Diego County are considering forming a CCA.
Cybersecurity and Physical Security
More than 20 entities in Texas recently reported a ransomware attack, the majority of which were smaller local governments. There are no known impacts to any public power electric utilities in Texas.
Distributed Energy Resources
Continuing a growing trend among public power utilities across the U.S., Henderson Municipal Power & Light (HMP&L) is exploring a renewable power supply request that includes, among other options, solar plus battery energy storage systems.
Distributed Energy Resources
Austin Energy now has 1,795 megawatts of wind power under contract after the Texas public power utility reached an agreement under which it will receive up to an additional 200 MW of wind power.
Distributed Energy Resources
When it comes to the use of Bitcoin and its underlying blockchain technology in the energy sector, there are both opportunities and challenges, a new report from the Congressional Research Service notes. The report comes as several public power utilities explore the use of blockchain.
Electric Vehicles
Two California public power utilities, the City of Palo Alto Utilities and Silicon Valley Power, are joining with three of the state’s community choice aggregators in programs to install public electric vehicle charging stations. As part of the effort, the California Energy Commission is proposing to provide $33 million in incentives to two counties.
Power Sources
As an energy provider and hub, Utah's Intermountain Power Agency plans to build natural gas-fired generation and serve as a bridge for the supply of renewable energy. Meanwhile, a large-scale storage project located adjacent to an IPA project could enhance the position that IPA has as an energy hub.