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Smart Energy Use
New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo recently announced an ambitious acceleration of energy efficiency in the state, including a comprehensive plan to achieve a new target for significant greenhouse gas emission reductions, decrease consumer energy costs and create job opportunities.
Disaster Response
How quickly and efficiently utilities restore power depends on the effectiveness of their emergency management operations and that is why it is crucial for utilities to have in place an Incident Command System. But it’s also important for utilities to move from a “paper and pencil” ICS to a computerized program. Automating processes ensures real-time, more accurate data which can be acted upon to ultimately respond faster to all types of emergencies.
A proposal under which the city of Lockwood, Mo., would have sold its electric system to the Empire District Electric Company for $700,000 was recently rejected.
Distributed Energy Resources
The Hawaii Public Utilities Commission has opened a proceeding to investigate performance-based regulation for the Hawaiian Electric Companies, which are Hawaiian Electric, Maui Electric and the Hawaii Electric Light Company.
Smart Energy Use
The New York Power Authority has started installing LED streetlights in Southampton, N.Y., NYPA said on April 20. The energy efficiency project is part of Smart Street Lighting NY, a new statewide program that calls for at least 500,000 streetlights throughout the state to be replaced with LED technology by 2025.
Electricity Markets
The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission on April 17 affirmed its finding in a prior order that it has exclusive jurisdiction over the participation of energy efficiency resources in the organized wholesale electricity markets, including the terms of eligibility for the participation of such resources.
Electricity Markets
Investor-owned utility holding company Xcel Energy on April 20 said that it is ending its participation in the Mountain West Transmission Group and in related efforts to form a regional transmission organization in the Rocky Mountain West.
Distributed Energy Resources
The New York Public Service Commission announced several actions related to the state’s Reforming the Energy Vision effort, which aims to revamp the state’s electric sector. Among other things, the PSC moved to expand the integration of larger energy storage technologies and create an online platform to make it easier to share data among energy companies.