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Energy Storage
The New York Public Service Commission approved a plan that calls for the adoption of a secondary energy storage deployment goal of 3,000 megawatts for 2030. The PSC also approved a new energy efficiency target for investor-owned utilities in the state.
Power Sources
The board of the Orlando Utilities Commission approved the creation of an Electric Integrated Resource Plan that calls for a review of the utility’s generation needs in light of the growing penetration of distributed energy resources, such as solar power, and a call to move to 100% renewable generation by 2050.
California public power utility SMUD is participating in a program designed to enable local community banks to provide loans to local businesses with the goal of economic growth and business expansion.
Distributed Energy Resources
A new study by the National Renewable Energy Laboratory identifies challenges and makes recommendations for utilities implementing distributed energy resource (DER) aggregation programs.
Smart Grid
A report prepared for the American Public Power Association offers a smart city roadmap for public power utilities to consider and details risks for public power utilities that sit on the sidelines and do not actively engage in smart city conversations.
Distributed Energy Resources
The New York Power Authority on Dec. 11 said that it will invest $250 million between now and 2025 to accelerate the flexibility of the electric grid in order to provide greater access to renewable energy resources.
Power Sources
Recent scholarly studies cast doubt on whether wind and solar power alone can address global climate change without support from nuclear power. NuScale Power's small modular reactor technology is ideal for public power utilities given its small footprint and other favorable siting features, scalability, compatibility with other energy resources, and its competitive cost.
Power Sources
Nebraska Public Power District's embrace of hydrogen as a conversion fuel at the public power entity's 125-MW coal-fired Sheldon Station Unit 2 could lead to a collaboration with Finland-based Wartsila to convert hydrogen into methanol to use as fuel in Wartsila engines.