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When you’ve been recognized as a Reliable Public Power Provider, it means you follow industry standards and best practices and have shown high proficiency in providing reliable and safe electric service.

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Photos & Videos

View photos from the RP3 recognition ceremony at the Engineering & Operations Technical Conference and a RP3 overview video. 

Articles & Blogs

Reliability designation can help public power credit ratings
An RP3 designation signifies leadership in reliability, safety, workforce development, and system improvement. It shows your commitment to keeping the lights on for your customers. An RP3 designation can also indicate good financial health.

Smallest losers win: RP3 recognizes efficiency
It's not rocket science to figure out what customers want from their electric utilities — reliable power supply, reasonable prices and good customer service. The more efficiently a utility operates, the more likely it is to keep the lights on and customers happy.

Association's RP3 designation has been a huge benefit: Elk River's Adams
The designation of Minnesota's Elk River Municipal Utilities as a Reliable Public Power Provider through the American Public Power Association's RP3 program not only validates just how seriously ERMU takes reliability, but the program has also served as an effective tool for motivating employees through an ERMU incentive compensation policy based on the RP3 program, said Troy Adams, general manager of ERMU.

Reliability: We'll be there before the pizza
Remember when Domino's promised a free pizza if they didn't deliver within 30 minutes? They've dropped the guarantee due to safety concerns, but the idea lives on — with the Marquette Board of Light and Power, recognized as a Reliable Public Power Provider by the American Public Power Association.

Reliability measures utilities' health
When measuring reliability, electric utilities must go beyond the percentage of time the power is flowing and look at a bigger picture of their operational health. “Keeping the lights on” is a significant part of a utility’s value, but that’s like saying a person is healthy as long as he or she is living and breathing.