RP3: Review Panel

The RP3 Review Panel has 18 members. Six of the panel members are the officers on three Association committees: Safety, Transmission & Distribution, and System Planning. The other 12 panel members are nominated by the chair of APPA's board.

One panel seat represents either a joint action agency or state association. Six panels seats are for two representatives each from small, medium, and large public power utilities. The other five panel seats are for representatives of reliability, safety, system improvement, and human resources.

Panel members serve two-year terms and can choose to serve up to three terms. When there is a vacancy on the Panel, a call for nominees is released. The Panel meets in October and December each year to score and vote on the RP3 applications. The panel’s three-member executive committee handles any items between panel meetings.

RP3 Review Panel, 2020-2021

Small Utility Representatives
  • Lisa Umeda, Vernon Public Utilities, California
  • Bruce Metz, Jackson Center Municipal Electric, Ohio
Medium Utility Representatives
  • Charles Bauschard, City of New Bern, North Carolina (Executive Committee)
  • Nicolas Kumm, Marshfield Utilities, Wisconsin
Large Utility Representatives
  • Ben Feliz, Clark Public Utilities, Washington
  • Matt Manzione, Colorado Springs Utilities, Colorado
Joint Action Agency or State Association Representative
  • Mark Ennis, Alabama Municipal Electric Authority, Alabama
Reliability Representative
  • Troy Adams, Manitowoc Public Utilities, Wisconsin
Safety Representative
  • Aaron Haderle, Kissimmee Utility Authority, Florida (Executive Committee)
System Improvement Representative
  • Srinivasa Venigalla, Navajo Tribal Utility Authority, Arizona
Human Resources Representatives
  • Mary Kay Villegas-Alitz, Independence Power & Light, Missouri
  • Melissa Miranda, ElectriCities of North Carolina, North Carolina
Safety Committee Officers
  • Brandon Wylie, Electric Cities of Georgia, Georgia
  • Bob Scudder, Grand River Dam Authority, Oklahoma
System Planning Committee Officers
  • Devon Shelton, City of Statesville, North Carolina
  • James Wallace, Riviera Utilities, Alabama
Transmission & Distribution Committee Officers
  • John VanGundy, City of Mesa, Arizona
  • Craig Foley, Taunton Municipal Lighting Plant, Massachusetts