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RP3: Review Panel

About the RP3 Review Panel

The RP3 Review Panel has 18 members appointed by the chair of APPA's Board of Directors. 

Two Panel seats represent either a joint action agency or state association. Six Panel seats are for two representatives each from small, medium, and large public power utilities. The other 10 Panel seats are for representatives of reliability, safety, system improvement, workforce development, and transmission & distribution.

Panel members serve two-year terms and can serve up to three terms. When there is a vacancy on the Panel, a call for nominees is released. The Panel meets in October/November and December each year to review and score on the RP3 applications. The Panel’s three-member executive committee handles any items in-between Panel meetings.

RP3 Review Panel, 2024 - 2025

Small Utility Representatives
  • Kyle Francis, Village of Versailles, Ohio
  • Lisa Umeda, Vernon Public Utilities, California
Medium Utility Representatives
  • Nicolas Kumm, Marshfield Utilities, Wisconsin
  • Sam Osmancevic, Belmont Light, Massachusetts
Large Utility Representatives
  • Jeremy Ash, Kansas BPU, Kansas (Panel Chair, Executive Committee)
  • Robert Dieckow, CPS Energy, Texas
Joint Action Agency or State Association Representatives
  • Chris Chartier, WPPI Energy, Wisconsin
  • Mark Ennis, Alabama Municipal Electric Authority, Alabama
Reliability Representatives
  • Jason Small, Town of Danvers Electric Division, Massachusetts
  • Earnest Taylor,  Conway Corporation, Arkansas
Safety Representatives
  • Blane Cordova, Riviera Utilities, Alabama
  • Mike McCleary, Florida Municipal Power Agency, Florida
Workforce Development Representatives
  • Karen Dunlap, Benton PUD, Washington
  • Melissa Miranda, ElectriCities of North Carolina, North Carolina
Transmission & Distribution Representatives
  • Tony Guillen, City of Tallahassee Electric & Gas Utility, Florida
System Improvement Representatives
  • Solomon Brackett, Troy Utilities, Alabama
  • Ashley Bryan, Virgin Islands Water & Power Authority, U.S. Virgin Islands