DEED Awards

Each year the American Public Power Association presents two awards to DEED member utilities that embody the spirit of the DEED program in an outstanding manner. Apply and be recognized among your customers, community stakeholders, and industry colleagues.

Award of Continued Excellence


Austin Energy, Texas, 2019

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The Award of Continued Excellence recognizes a DEED member utility that has demonstrated continued commitment to DEED program ideals through involvement in grants and scholarships, pursuit of energy efficiency, use of renewable resources, and support of public power. Learn about past award winners.

The deadline for submissions is January 31. The nomination form for the Award of Continued Excellence is currently closed but will reopen in the fall for the 2021 nomination process. This award is presented each year at the Engineering and Operations Technical Conference. For more information preview the nomination questions email [email protected].


Energy Innovator Award


Fayetteville Public Works Commission, North Carolina, 2019

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Nebraska Public Power District, Nebraska, 2019

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City of Palo Alto Utilities, California, 2019

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The Energy Innovator Award recognizes utility programs that have developed or applied creative, energy-efficient techniques or technologies, provided better service to electric customers, or increased the efficiency of utility operations and resources. Learn about past award winners and review winning programs in home energy loans and community solar through this webinar recording

Talented luminaries and professionals from the energy industry, that served as judges for the EIA Award, are listed here.

The deadline for submissions is January 31 annually. The nomination form is currently closed but will open in the fall for the 2021 nomination process. This award is presented at our National Conference each year. For more information, preview the nomination questions email [email protected].