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APPA’s Board of Directors Approves DEED Program Policy Manual Changes

The American Public Power Association’s Board of Directors recently approved changes to the Demonstration of Energy & Efficiency Developments program’s policy manual, including changes to the DEED dues structure and a new trademarked program logo.

Among the significant changes to the policy manual are the addition of a new, at-large board seat, thereby expanding size of the board to thirteen active members and allowing members to self-nominate for vacancies on the board.

In addition, APPA’s Board of Directors approved changes clarifying the term limits for service on the DEED Board, allowing DEED Board Members to serve no more than two, three-year terms, and granting voting authority on DEED programmatic matters to the E&O Section Vice Chair seat.

A call for nominations for the new at-large seat will be sent the week of June 24.

APPA’s Board also approved changes to the DEED dues structure. This includes slightly increasing the percentage of APPA dues that DEED dues are calculated on and increasing utility and Joint Action Agency dues caps. All increases will be phased in over the next five years.

DEED Board Members, along with APPA staff, collaborated to make these changes. The policy manual is available on the DEED homepage on the sidebar.

Changes to the program’s policy manual were made to reflect a new strategic plan, developed in the Fall of 2023.

The plan includes initiatives like soliciting grants identified as key subject areas, as identified by DEED and other APPA members – such as electrification, load management, and cyber and physical security. The program will also encourage the development of enhanced final deliverables, such as toolkits.

The program is also looking into the possibility of developing specific projects recruiting small, medium, and large utilities to participate and develop partnerships with boarder industry partners such as national labs and universities, among others.

In general, DEED is looking to broaden its scope and encourage broader coalitions to help strengthen public power’s R&D portfolio.

The DEED program funds research, pilot projects, and education to improve the operations and services of public power utilities.

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