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Tantalus Launches a Breakthrough Technology Platform to Help Utilities Modernize their Distribution Grids

Jan 30, 2024
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BURNABY, BC – January 30, 2024 – Tantalus Systems (TSX: GRID) (“Tantalus” or the “Company”), a smart grid technol ogy company focused on helping build sustainable utilities for the future, announces the launch of the Tantalus Grid Modernization Platform™ (TGMP™), including TRUSync, an industry-defining grid data management system. TGMP is a technology platform that helps utilities accelerate their grid modernization efforts. The platform includes a smart grid architecture comprised of connected devices, communications networks, grid data management, applications and analytics. TRUSync, an expansion of the software acquired through Tantalus’ acquisition of Congruitive in 2022, is a ground-breaking middleware layer that delivers true interoperability and automates the integration of all utility data captured from any device, any system and any vendor.

The need for this type of platform has never been greater. In a survey of 116 utilities finalized by Tantalus in 2023, 93% said that modernizing their distribution grid was an important priority while only 11% felt completely prepared to do so. Grid modernization requires utilities to harness the power of data across all devices located throughout the entire distribution grid — from devices deployed inside the substation to distributed energy resources (DERs) and smart appliances located behind the meter.

“To modernize, utilities must shift their perspective from traditionally being device-centric to becoming data-centric,” said Peter Londa, President and CEO of Tantalus. “The real challenge confronting utilities seeking to modernize their grid is data management, not a lack of powerful connected and intelligent devices. Grid modernization requires the integration of an increasing amount of data from a growing number of connected devices in a synchronized manner. To fully achieve grid modernization, utilities must access untapped value through data interoperability.”

By offering a modular approach, TGMP enables utilities to be more surgical and strategic in their deployments while minimizing the cost of prematurely abandoning existing investments and assets. The platform delivers unprecedented levels of visibility, command and control and provides an autonomous, flexible, secure and affordable path to grid modernization.

An integral component of TGMP is TRUSync, a middleware layer that sits between a utility’s connected devices and the software applications and analytics packages that use the data those devices generate. The power of TRUSync comes from true data interoperability delivered through a groundbreaking library of protocols and data models. The software generates a unified, single version of the truth that bridges the gap between Operational Technology (OT) and Information Technology (IT). This represents a first for the industry and serves as a catalyst for grid modernization.

In addition, Tantalus is rebranding its existing suite of solutions to align the overall platform, including:

  • TRUConnect™ AMI: Tantalus’ purpose-built edge computing endpoints that are capable of integrating a wide range of field devices and meters across a robust communications network and a suite of software applications.
  • TRUGrid™ Automation: Tantalus’ rapidly expanding suite of applications and data analytics that leverage AI to anticipate and proactively respond to challenges arising from failing distribution equipment, such as transformers, extreme weather events or imbalances between the supply and demand of electricity.
  • TRUFlex™ Load+DER Management: Tantalus’ solution to help utilities manage a wide variety of residential and commercial loads responsively, reliably and flexibly while reducing costs associated with power outages and improving operational efficiencies.
  • TRUSense Gateway™: Tantalus’ innovative suite of collar-based connected devices that deliver AMI 2.0 functionality without unnecessarily ripping and replacing existing meters. These devices also capture substation-level power quality measurements at the meter socket and deliver a utility-dedicated and secure connection to DERs and smart appliances located behind the meter. TRUSense Gateways also enhance investments in fiber-to-the-home broadband initiatives.

“TGMP was designed to empower utilities to modernize the grid at their own pace,” continued Tantalus President and CEO Peter Londa. “If a utility has already deployed pieces of our platform from Tantalus or another vendor, no problem. Our focus on interoperability and our unwavering commitment to reverse-compatibility helps customers leverage existing investments and mitigate risks associated with vendor lock-in. TGMP delivers a comprehensive and unified platform that enables utilities to tackle near-term challenges while pursuing a long-term and necessary goal of truly modernizing distribution grids.”

For more information about the Tantalus Grid Modernization Platform, TRUSync, and the company’s suite of solutions, visit the company’s new website at: www.tantalus.com. 

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