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Mutual aid is at the heart of what public power does. At its core, it’s about neighbors helping neighbors—even when our neighbor is a fellow utility hundreds (or thousands) of miles away. During the 2022 Atlantic hurricane season, APPA closely coordinated with our industry and government partners to ensure unity of effort before, during, and after storms as they occurred. We are currently planning for the upcoming storm season and stand ready to mobilize emergency power restoration crews and materials through the national public power mutual aid network, as requested by affected entities.

What Is Mutual Aid

Mutual aid is electric utilities helping each other in times of need. The American Public Power Association, together with state and regional public power utilities and organizations, coordinates the mutual aid network for the nation’s public power utilities. Utilities that want to give and get help for power restoration after a disaster sign up for this network. When (and even before) a major disaster hits a utility’s territory and the utility knows that its own crews and equipment won’t be enough to restore power quickly, it calls for mutual aid. It provides its best estimate of how many people it needs and what type of skills they should have. The utility also specifies equipment and material needs. Other utilities in the network respond with what they can offer. The actual dispatch and movement of crews from different utilities is coordinated by utility and public power association personnel who volunteer as regional and national mutual aid coordinators. Learn more about mutual aid in this fact sheet.



Public power utilities can find mutual aid and other restoration and recovery resources here.

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