Disaster Response and Mutual Aid

Texas and Midwest Storm Center and Mutual Aid

The American Public Power Association is assisting member utilities and regional organizations affected by the winter storms in Texas and the Midwest. We stand ready to mobilize emergency power restoration crews and materials through the national public power mutual aid network, as requested by affected entities. Utilities will begin damage assessment and restoration as soon as conditions permit, keeping in mind safety first.

We are also working round the clock with the rest of the energy industry and our federal government partners to monitor the situation and organize help as needed.

Click here to download general talking points on the outages and response efforts.

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Latest News and Updates

Texas PUC chair resigns; state attorney general files lawsuit against power provider (Public Power Current, March 2, 2021)

CPS Energy fights to protect customers, keep bills affordable in wake of extreme weather (Public Power Current, March 2, 2021)

Texas lawmakers hold series of hearings over recent power outages (Public Power Current, March 1, 2021)

APPA, APGA urge President Biden to declare a natural gas supply emergency, cap prices (Public Power Current, February 23, 2021)

FERC to examine threat of climate change, extreme weather to reliability (Public Power Current, February 23, 2021)

Lafayette Utilities System sends crews to help La. public power communities restore power (Public Power Current, February 22, 2021)

Texas regulators, lawmakers, governor and AG want answers on outages, soaring bills (Public Power Current, February 22, 2021)

Groups urge expansion of investigation to include dramatic natural gas price increases (Public Power Current, February 22, 2021)

APPA and APGA Letter to FERC and DOE Requesting an Investigation of High Natural Gas Prices (February 19, 2021)

APPA and APGA Send Letter to President Biden Seeking Action Related to Arctic Storm Impacts to the Power and Gas Sectors (February 19, 2021)

Electric Power Industry Closely Coordinating as Severe Winter Weather Continues to Impact Texas, Other States Across the Country (Joint press release with EEI and NRECA, February 17, 2021)

Texas grid operator continues to grapple with extreme weather, outages (Public Power Current, February 17, 2021)

Texas grid operator initiates rotating power outages in wake of freezing temperatures (Public Power Current, February 15, 2021)

What Is Mutual Aid

Mutual aid is electric utilities helping each other in times of need. The American Public Power Association, together with state and regional public power utilities and organizations, coordinates the mutual aid network for the nation’s public power utilities. Utilities that want to give and get help for power restoration after a disaster sign up for this network. When (and even before) a major disaster hits a utility’s territory and the utility knows that its own crews and equipment won’t be enough to restore power quickly, it calls for mutual aid. It provides its best estimate of how many people it needs and what type of skills they should have. The utility also specifies equipment and material needs. Other utilities in the network respond with what they can offer. The actual dispatch and movement of crews from different utilities is coordinated by utility and public power association personnel who volunteer as regional and national mutual aid coordinators. Learn more about mutual aid in this fact sheet.


Public power utilities can find mutual aid and other restoration and recovery resources here.

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