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SEP: Review Panel

The SEP Review Panel has 12 members. Two of the Panel members are the officers on APPA’s Energy Services committee. The other 10 Panel members are nominated by the chair of APPA's board.

Panel members serve two-year terms and can choose to serve up to three terms. When there is a vacancy on the Panel, a call for nominees is released. The Panel meets twice a year to score the SEP applications and conduct program business. The Panel’s three-member executive committee handles any items between Panel meetings.

SEP Review Panel, 2022 - 2023

  • Brian Tholl, Fort Collins Utilities, Colorado
  • Chris Van Dokkumburg, Holland Board of Public Utilities, Michigan
  • Connor Reardon, Littleton Electric Light & Water Departments, Massachusetts
  • Erin Miller, American Municipal Power, Inc., Ohio
  • Jennifer Newbold, Independence Power & Light, Missouri
  • Marc Shkolnick, Lincoln Electric System, Nebraska
  • Mary Medeiros McEnroe, Silicon Valley Power, California
  • Patrice Townsend, Kansas City Board of Public Utilities, Kansas
  • Scott Grieves, Kissimmee Utility Authority, Florida

Energy Innovation Committee Officers

  • Koral Miller, Mason County Public Utility District No. 3, Washington
  • Kris Sellstrom, Jamestown Board of Public Utilities, New York