America's Electricity Generating Capacity

Our annual report on electricity generation capacity in the United States breaks down the current and imminent generation of electricity by type of fuel, location, and ownership type. The report also looks at retirements and planned retirements and cancellations over the past five years.

As of March 2020, America has approximately 1.2 million megawatts of generation capacity. The largest fuel source for this capacity is natural gas (44%), followed by coal (21%). Nuclear, hydro, and wind together account for about one-quarter of capacity. Solar currently constitutes over 3% of all capacity.

This report also analyzes prospective generation capacity in four categories — under construction, permitted, application pending, and proposed. Natural gas, solar, and wind projects account for 94% of all capacity under construction, and would bring 44,410 MW online. Most of the capacity currently under construction is wind generation. Solar and wind together account for 58% of near-term potential capacity additions. No coal-fired plants are permitted or under construction.

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