Press Release

Stinger and Stinger Hornet Awarded Patent Number

Jan 5, 2021

FirstPower Group is proud to announce that the technology behind the Stinger ® and Stinger Hornet ® has been awarded patent number 10,746,353.

The Stinger ® and Stinger Hornet® are used to help utility workers safely lubricate critical parts in their system with a remote control.  FirstPower Group has developed a tool and fluid combination that has revolutionized disconnect switch operation.

Proven in field operations, our system is engineered to improve electric utility disconnect switching productivity. Switching productivity, also known as "same day switching," is achieved when a switch can be opened without breaking as a reasonable force is applied. The Stinger® and Stinger Hornet® are not only safe but highly effective for ensuring switches can be opened with ease, preventing injuries and downtime.

The Stinger® and Stinger  Hornet® are constructed from durable, dielectric plastic materials that comply with the ASTM F712 standard.  They contain no exposed conductive or metal parts, and they feature a wireless “no-rope” and “no-lever” operation.  The remote control eliminates risks associated with rope systems, which can create conductive paths if dirty or wet. The Stinger Hornet® attaches to hot sticks with a universal connector. The tool accepts a proprietary threaded can to prevent the use of unapproved materials, which can be hazardous to both equipment and workers.