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In Support of Modernizing the Public Utility Regulatory Policies Act of 1978 For easy sharing, download the resolution. Resolution 18-07 Sponsors: Missouri River Energy Services; Idaho Falls Power; Oklahoma Municipal Power Authority; Kansas Power Pool; Nebraska Public Power District The Public
For easy printing, download the Public Utility Regulatory Policies Act Issue Brief. Summary The Public Utility Regulatory Policies Act of 1978 (PURPA) was enacted following the energy crisis of the 1970s to encour­age cogeneration and renewable resources and promote competi­tion for electric
Denotes APPA Members Utilities Algoma Utility Commission Algoma, WI Arcadia Electric Utility Arcadia, WI Argyle Municipal Electric & Water Utility Argyle, WI Bangor Municipal Utility Bangor, WI Barron Light & Water Department Barron, WI Belmont Municipal Light & Water Utility Belmont, WI Benton
Denotes APPA Members Utilities Ada Water & Light Department Ada, MN Adrian Public Utilities Commission Adrian, MN Aitkin Public Utilities Commission Aitkin, MN ALP Utilities Alexandria, MN City of Alpha Alpha, MN City of Alvarado Alvarado, MN City of Anoka Anoka, MN City of Arlington Arlington, MN
Denotes APPA Members Utilities Akutan Electric Utility Akutan, AK Alaska Energy Authority Anchorage, AK TDX Power Anchorage, AK City of Atka Atka, AK Atmautluak Tribal Utilities Atmautluak, AK North Slope Borough Department of Public Works - Power & Light Barrow, AK Naterkaq Light Plant Chefornak
Denotes APPA Members Utilities Village of Albany Albany, IL Village of Allendale Allendale, IL City of Altamont Altamont, IL City of Batavia Batavia, IL Village of Bethany Bethany, IL City of Breese Breese, IL Bushnell Municipal Utilities Bushnell, IL Cairo Public Utility Commission Cairo, IL
For easy printing, download the Protecting 6 GHz Spectrum Usage By Public Power from Interference Issue Brief. Summary Electric utilities typically own and operate their own communications systems (wireline and wireless) for mission-critical operations throughout the electric system. These private
America’s Electricity Generation Capacity, 2019 Update The twelfth annual report on current and forthcoming electricity generation capacity in the United States by type of fuel, location, and ownership. Currently, the U.S. has more than 1.2 million megawatts of generation capacity. The largest fuel
Community Engagement
The City Commission of Henderson, Ky., recently voted to reject a proposal by Kentucky electric cooperative Big Rivers Electric Corporation to purchase Henderson Municipal Power & Light (HMP&L), the city’s public power utility. The vote by the Henderson City Commission took place on July 13 and came
For easy printing, download the Preserving the Municipal Exemption from Federal Pole Attachment Regulations Issue Brief. Summary Several times since 2010, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC or Commission) has recommended that Congress eliminate the exemption public power utilities and rural