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In-System Reports

Monthly Report

The monthly report runs a snapshot of your utility’s reliability performance by identifying problem areas and common outage causes, and calculating IEEE 1366 reliability indices for the selected month. 

Worst performing circuit ranking will be easily available in the monthly reports feature, broken down by three different categories: Outage Count, Customer Interruptions, and Customer Minutes of Duration. The report also analyzes your top 10 worst outages for that month. 

Customization is one of the strongest characteristics of the tracker. This holds true in the reporting feature, and is especially true in the monthly report. The monthly report can filter by a minimum or maximum duration, top-level cause, substation and/or circuit. You also have the ability to remove Major Events using either APPA's threshold or the IEEE threshold. 

Monthly Report


Interruption Cost Estimate Calculator

Interruption Cost Estimate (ICE) Calculator Example 1


The Interruption Cost Estimate Calculator, better known as the ICE calculator, is a tool developed to help utilities, government organizations, and others estimate the benefits associated with reliability improvements. Through funding and a cooperative agreement with the DOE, the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (LBNL) developed this reliability planning tool for public use. APPA was able to take the model from the ICE calculator and embed it into a report in the eReliability Tracker.

Interruption Cost Estimate (ICE) Calculator Example 2

The report essentially applies the model to your utility’s real outage data to calculate an estimated cost. The report provides the user with two tables: the first table shows the worst performing circuits when ranked by estimated customer interruption cost and the other shows the worst outage events when ranked by estimated customer cost. These tables, while estimates, are intended to help utilities better prioritize their reliability-related expenditures. 

ICE Report Resources:

Other In-system Reports

  • IEEE Statistics 
  • Cause Pie Chart
    • This report will produce a pie chart of your outages grouped by outage cause or outage duration (in minutes).
  •  Circuit Ranking
    • This report will list your: Top 10 Circuits Ranked by Customer Minutes of Duration, Top 10 Circuits Ranked by Customer Interruptions, and Top 10 Circuits Ranked by Outage Count.