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SMUD Holds Ribbon-Cutting Ceremony for New Substation

California public power utility SMUD on Aug. 24 held a ribbon-cutting ceremony for its newest substation, Station G, located in the heart of downtown Sacramento, Calif.

“Aligned with SMUD’s regional decarbonization goals, Station G uses advanced technologies to support the city’s clean energy transformation for decades to come while improving grid resilience and ensuring a dependable power supply for the ever-evolving energy needs of the Sacramento area,” SMUD said.

"Through our innovative and visionary approach, SMUD is introducing a state-of-the-art facility to the region’s power infrastructure, boosting our grid's world-class reliability, resilience, capacity for electric load and advancing regional decarbonization,” said SMUD CEO and General Manager Paul Lau.

“As we embrace a future powered by carbon-free sources and the adoption of electric technology in our daily lives, SMUD’s advanced and resilient infrastructure is crucial in helping clean the air and drive sustainable progress toward a clean energy future that benefits the entire region,” he said.

SMUD said that the substation’s architecture was designed with aesthetics in mind. Station G “is accentuated by striking lighting elements that harmonize with the surrounding downtown neighborhood, art scene and landmarks.”

Construction on Station G began in August of 2020 and was completed ahead of its projected summer of 2023 completion date. 

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