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Managing Change

For a change to stick, leaders need to properly prepare and guide their organizations through the process – and remain champions for the change.

The Harvard Business School sums up the change management process into five steps.  

  1. Prepare: Explain why change is necessary.
  2. Plan/vision: Detail how and when the change will happen – from goals to how it will be measured to who is responsible for what steps.
  3. Implement: Empower employees to take the steps needed to achieve the goals.
  4. Embed: Prevent backslide by ensuring organizational structures and practices support the change.
  5. Review: Analyze whether the change was successful or what aspects weren’t successful.

Overcoming Resistance to Change

The American Society for Quality offers advice for how leaders can minimize resistance to change.

  • Create, or affirm, the shared need for change through data or demonstration/demand.
  • Share what the desired outcome will look like.
  • Ensure there are sufficient resources dedicated to the change process.
  • Establish a way to track progress in the change efforts.
  • Assign a person or team to being accountable for finishing the change.
  • Champion the effort from the beginning until the end.

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