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Department of the Interior Offers $72.5 Million Under New Tribal Electrification Program

The Department of the Interior on Aug. 15 announced the launch of a new program and availability of $72.5 million in initial funding to help Tribal communities electrify homes.

Tribal Nations across the country have their own unique energy and electrification-related needs and implementation capacity, Interior said.

The Tribal Electrification Program “will meet the unique needs of individual Tribal communities by supporting collaborative and community-led planning and implementation.”

The program will provide financial and technical assistance to Tribes to connect homes to transmission and distribution that is powered by renewable energy; provide electricity to unelectrified Tribal homes through zero-emissions energy systems; transition electrified Tribal homes to zero-emissions energy systems; and support associated home repairs and retrofitting necessary to install the zero-emissions energy systems.

For more information on this program, visit the Bureau of Indian Affairs website.

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