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The Changing Energy Workforce

The Center for Energy Workforce Development highlighted some of the key changes happening in the utility workforce in its 2023 Energy Workforce Survey.

Key and emerging technology jobs continue to grow

40% of the workforce consists of “key jobs” (as defined by CEWD) – including lineworkers, technicians, plant and field operators, and engineers. This is up from 32% in 2021.  

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Emerging technology jobs include roles focused on advanced metering and grid technologies, machine learning and artificial intelligence, renewable generation, and electric vehicle management.

These roles more than quadrupled from 2021, although only make up 2.6% of the workforce.

Aging less of a problem, retention more so

56% of utility workers have less than 10 years in the industry

  • Among lineworkers and engineers, there’s an even higher proportion of workers with less than a decade of service.

Changing demographics

The utility workforce comprises:

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25% females (up from 22% in 2021)

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23% with a racial or ethnic identity other than white (down from 24% in 2021)

  • Customer service and IT roles had the highest percentage of non-white workers

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11% military veterans (up from 8%)

 The Changing Energy Workforce

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