RP3 Webinar Series

2021 RP3 Webinar Series

Series Description

The 2021 RP3 application will be opening on May 3rd! If you are thinking about applying for the Reliable Public Power Provider (RP3) designation, join us for our free 2021 RP3 Webinar Series to hear from our RP3 Panel of industry experts on how you can strengthen your application. The Reliability webinar on April 27 will go over reliability indices, mutual aid, and cybersecurity. The Safety webinar on May 12 will go over safety manuals, safety meetings, and disaster drills. The Workforce Development webinar on May 18 will cover employee recruitment and retention, professional development, and succession planning. The System Improvement webinar on May 4 will discuss how R&D, system planning studies, and asset management are evaluated. Each webinar will conclude with a Q&A session with panel members.

The 2021 RP3 Webinar Series includes the following webinars, each will be an hour long, and will begin at 2 or 3 p.m. Eastern Time. Register for the entire series or sign up for individual webinars. Registrants will get access to webinar recordings and slides for future reference.

Recommended for: current and former RP3 designees and new utilities interested in obtaining a designation


  • Devon Shelton, P.E., Electric Utilities Assistant Director, City of Statesville (NC)
  • James Wallace, P.E., Chief Operation Officer, Riviera Utilities (AL)
  • Brandon Wylie, Director of Training & Safety, Electric Cities of Georgia
  • Melissa Miranda, Vice President, Human Resources, Electricities of North Carolina

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