Virtual Education and Training

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The public power community can stay informed and connected, even while many of us work from home and practice social distancing. APPA is here for you with resources and programs to help you continue your work (and learning) with as little interruption as possible, ranging from webinars to online training and new virtual meetings that allow you to interact with other attendees for real networking opportunities. 

Don’t miss these online programs.

Virtual Meetings

All the breadth and depth of information and networking from an in-person meeting, from the comfort and safety of your home or office. These virtual events allow you to learn and interact with your peers in real time.


Legal & Regulatory Virtual Conference
October 13 - 14
An unparalleled professional development and networking opportunity for energy attorneys and regulatory personnel to get updates on federal legislative and regulatory changes impacting public power.


Customer Connections Virtual Conference
October 27 - 28
Connect with other utility professionals to examine trends and innovations in four critical areas: customer service, energy services, key accounts, and public communications.

Public Power Forward Virtual Summit
November 10
Discover new industry trends, technologies, and customer expectations and share your thoughts on public power’s future. Join experts and visionaries to assess what is coming down the pike and how to prepare for it.


Cybersecurity Virtual Summit
November 16 – 17 
Stay current on evolving utility cybersecurity threats and strengthen your strategies for monitoring and responding to them. Hear from leading experts and peers on strategies to mitigate risks. 

Online & On-Demand Courses

Instructor-led virtual versions of our most popular training classes let you take in-depth training courses through an interactive series of online classes, a downloadable workbook, and group discussions with your peers.


Overhead Distribution Principles and Practices
Four online classes over 2 weeks, September 22 – 30
Learn all about overhead distribution system components, the legal/regulatory and business requirements that drive today’s overhead distribution practices. Explore specific requirements and practices associated with overhead line conductors and cables, structural components, grounding, and lightning protection.

Advanced Public Utility Accounting
Four online classes over 4 weeks, September 23 – October 14
Examine the more complicated aspects of accounting theory and practice to inform planning and decision-making, allowing you to work more efficiently and effectively. Earn CPEs by participating in this practical course.


Best Practices in Overhead Distribution Line Design
Six online classes over 2 weeks October 6-15
Review industry best practices, engage with your peers, and complete over 25 practical design exercises using line design software. Learn how to enhance your line design processes and prepare designs that are safe, reliable, and in compliance with National Electrical Safety Code (NESC) requirements.


Strategies for Successful Customer Service Operations
One online class on November 4  
Learn how to define good customer service, identify and meet the needs of different types of customers, and create a culture of commitment to excellence in customer service across all areas of utility management, operations and customer interactions.

On-demand training combines videos, downloadable course materials, and progressive testing to bring you in-depth training on your own timeframe.


Key Accounts Certificate Program
Whether you plan to start a utility key accounts program or want to take your current pro­gram to the next level, this curriculum provides the skills, knowledge, and tools for success.


Webinars allow you to learn from the best in the business without leaving your office. All you need is internet access. Hear from industry experts, download presentations, and ask your questions during the live webinar.

ppf COVID-19 and Its Impact on Economic Development
October 29

The pandemic caused not only a significant global economic disruption but also provided clarity as to what economic development trends had staying power and which did not. We’ll review a framework for thinking about the disruption and then zero in on the trends and implications for economic developers and communities. 

On-Demand Learning Resources

Hear from industry experts and grow your knowledge at a pace that works for you.


Check out our library of on-demand webinars and recorded events and courses. Each purchase includes access to the recording(s), as well as copies of the presentations or study guides