Virtual Education and Training

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Stay on top of the trends and ahead of the curve with virtual education offerings from the APPA Academy. Programs range from online courses and virtual events that allow you to interact with other attendees, to on-demand resources that let you learn on your own schedule.

Virtual Courses

Instructor-led courses let you take in-depth training through an interactive series of online classes, a downloadable workbook, and group discussions with your peers.

2023 National Electrical Safety Code (NESC) Overview: Significant Changes for Public Power
February 8 & 9 (two sessions)
Get up-to-speed on the important changes that are effective in the 2023 NESC. Participate in discussions and Q&A around rule interpretations, compliance issues, and learn about sources for help.
Work Order & Asset Management Accounting
February 14 & 16 (two sessions)
This course covers basic and intermediate utility work asset management accounting concepts and applications. Learn how to coordinate operations and finance processes to accurately account for projects. Work through the necessary steps to report utility construction costs and differentiate between capital construction and maintenance costs. Learn about practical industry processes, through real-world utility examples of the day-to-day realities of accounting for utility construction costs.
Advanced Public Utility Accounting
March 21 - 30 (four sessions)
This practical course examines the more complicated aspects of accounting theory and practice to inform planning and decision-making and help execute your day-to-day work more efficiently and effectively. Discuss how accounting principles and practices impact financial reporting to internal and external stakeholders. Learn about industry trends, new accounting standards, and strategies for ensuring future financial success.


With minimal time commitments, webinars allow you to learn from the best without leaving your office. Hear from industry experts and ask questions during the live webinar. Looking to host a webinar on your product or service? Learn more about PublicPowerX webinars.

Award-winning Anatomy of Award-Winning Communications: Examining EPPC Awards Winners
February 14, 2023
Gain insight into the judging process for our annual EPPC Awards and learn tips to improve application write-ups and fine-tune submission materials.
Environmental justice Leveraging Environmental Justice Screening Tools
February 23, 2023
Join us in discussion with the Environmental Protection Agency’s Office of Environmental Justice (EJ) to hear about the EPA’s latest initiatives to support and address the concerns of disadvantaged underserved communities.

Virtual Meetings

All the breadth and depth of information and networking from an in-person meeting, from the comfort and safety of your home or office. These virtual events allow you to learn and interact with your peers in real time.


On-Demand Learning Resources

Hear from industry experts and grow your knowledge at a pace that works for you.


Check out our library of on-demand webinars, recorded events and courses. Each purchase includes access to the recording(s), as well as copies of the presentations or study guides.


The APPA Key Accounts Certificate Program is offered in-person, in-house, or through a self-paced online option. Completing the on-demand option allows you to work through the program requirements at your own pace. 

energy efficiency

Energy Efficiency Programs and Opportunities
2 Part On-Demand Training
Designed for utility staff and policymakers interested in learning about energy efficiency program design, design thinking concepts, and energy efficiency trends and best practices.


Latest Developments in Pole Attachments and Broadband Funding/Partnership Opportunities
3 Part On-Demand Training
Understand broadband partnerships and funding opportunities. Designed for lawyers, managers, engineers and representatives of public power utilities that own or control poles, ducts, conduits, towers, buildings, or other facilities that support wireline or wireless communications attachments and broadband funding applications. 

Public Power Forward Fundamentals
6 Part On-Demand Training
This on-demand training series is designed for utility staff and policymakers looking for a broader contextual understanding of distributed energy resources (DERs), electric vehicles (EVs), and energy storage technologies and how they will evolve and affect the power grid. Learn about the latest trends, challenges, and benefits related to these technologies.