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Stay on top of the trends and ahead of the curve with virtual education offerings from the APPA Academy. Programs range from online courses and virtual events that allow you to interact with other attendees, to on-demand resources that let you learn on your own schedule.

Virtual Meetings

All the breadth and depth of information and networking from an in-person meeting, from the comfort and safety of your home or office. These virtual events allow you to learn and interact with your peers in real time.

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National Conference
June 20-23 (in-person) and July 13-14 (virtual)
Join public power’s leaders and policymakers to explore how changing policy, technology, and lifestyles are reshaping the energy industry and how that impacts your community. The 2021 National Conference will be held in two parts to meet the needs of our members in the current environment: an in-person event in Orlando, Florida (June 20-23); and then virtually (July 13-14). Each portion will feature exclusive educational content and networking opportunities. Attendees can participate in the full conference (in person and virtual), or just the virtual component. 

Virtual Courses

Instructor-led courses let you take in-depth training through an interactive series of online classes, a downloadable workbook, and group discussions with your peers.


Best Practices in Overhead Distribution Line Design
April 27-May 6: Orientation + 6 sessions 
Learn how to enhance your line design processes and prepare designs that are safe, reliable, and in compliance with National Electrical Safety Code (NESC) requirements. Review industry best practices, engage with your peers, and complete over twenty-five (25) practical hands-on design exercises using line design software. 

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Improving the Reliability of Your Distribution System 
May 24-25: 2 sessions 
Learn how to set reliability performance targets, implement performance improvement initiatives, and establish indices to measure reliability. Experts will guide you on how to build an organizational culture that supports a reliable infrastructure and operations to help you meet the reliability expectations of regulators, customers, and stakeholders. 

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Electric Utility Basics
May 26 
This course offers a non-technical overview of how a typical public power utility is run and the critical role electricity plays to keep our communities running. Learn about how electric utilities are undergoing a dramatic transformation in response to significant shifts and advances in technology, energy sources, and demand for electricity. Attendees receive a copy of APPA’s recently updated Electric Utility Basics handbook.

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Maintenance of High Voltage Electrical Distribution Systems
May 26-27: 2 sessions 
Learn about corrective, preventive, and predictive maintenance programs for overhead and underground lines. Go over the essentials of inspection and testing of distribution lines and equipment and review NESC maintenance requirements, risk management, and cost accounting.


Financial Planning in Tough Times
June 3
Learn different ways to assess current financial conditions, prioritize key financial targets to ensure the utility's long-term stability, improve your utility’s financial picture while minimizing how rate changes affect customers, and how to increase your confidence in making tough financial decisions. Get examples from utilities across the country and hear how stimulus funding can fit into this picture.

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Basic Cost of Service and Key Financial Concepts
July 8
Explore the ins and outs of cost of service—from basic concepts to leveraging data for decision making. Learn how to determine revenue requirements and key financial targets and relate them to cost of service. Find out how to develop a long-term rate plan and use financial targets. Review case studies, hear best practices and participate in discussions with your public power peers.

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Rate Design Fundamentals
July 22
Learn the basics of rate design—from the different types of rate structures to how various rate design strategies can affect utility objectives. Get an overview of how utilities are tailoring rate options for industrial and commercial customers in efforts to ensure rate equity, spur economic development, or incent electrification. Review how utilities across the nation are restructuring rates and discuss the potential pros and cons of adopting certain trends and strategies in your organization.


Implementing Advanced Rate Design and Dynamic Pricing
August 5
As your operations and services shift, so must your rate structures and policies. Learn why and how utilities are shifting to dynamic pricing and what early experiences have revealed about customer preferences and expectations. Discuss different strategies for rate implementation, transition, and communication and gaining buy-in from management and governing bodies for rate changes. 


With minimal time commitments, webinars allow you to learn from the best without leaving your office. Hear from industry experts and ask questions during the live webinar.


Occupational Health and Safety Updates and Data
May 11, 2021
APPA will host a free webinar on occupational health and safety updates for 2021, as well as national safety data from APPA’s annual Safety Awards of Excellence and eSafety Tracker. 

This event is only open to APPA member utilities, joint action agencies, and state and regional association members.

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PublicPowerX Webinar: Supply Chain Security Regulations for Public Power Utilities 
May 12, 2021
As operating costs continue to rise, utilities seek greater efficiency and effectiveness while increasing supply chain security, complying with regulation, and meeting financial objectives.

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DEED Webinar: A Feasibility Study on Green Hydrogen 
May 19, 2021
Learn how hydrogen has burst onto the scene over the past year, gaining momentum and excitement for its diverse potential applications across the energy, transportation, and manufacturing industries. 


PublicPowerX Webinar: Best Practices for Deploying Smart Infrastructure
May 25, 2021
Attend this webinar to discover how foundational smart infrastructure technologies, including advanced smart energy metering and intelligent lighting solutions, can benefit your utility.

On-Demand Learning Resources

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