Keeping the lights on is the number one priority for electric utilities and the challenge is greater than ever with everything from weather related outages to cyber threats. Public power utilities maintain a high level of reliability in the industry, and their customers benefit from less time in the dark compared to customers of privately-owned electric utilities.

Public power utilities that demonstrate proficiency in reliability and other key areas are recognized as Reliable Public Power Providers (RP3). Utilities can also subscribe to an online eReliability Tracker service to track, analyze, and benchmark outage data.

Susan Partain


NuScale Ad ImageSmarter Energy — Same Space

NuScale’s scalable and advanced SMR technology is housed in scaled-down nuclear power plants that also deliver an energy output of 77 MWe per module. That means our customers can replace retiring coal plants with cleaner, more powerful energy using the existing space. Visit for more info.

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