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MCG Energy Solutions

Since opening in 1995, MCG has provided software solutions for the everyday business needs of utilities and other entities in the wholesale energy marketplace. We design and deliver best-in-industry software for energy accounting, trading, scheduling, and transmission, as well as the front, middle, and back office to enhance the efficiency and productivity of your business. Our customers operate throughout North America and we are currently expanding into Europe with MCG’s Paragon ERM and CRM. Our team of top technical talent has extensive knowledge and experience in all areas of the energy software industry. The key to our success is developing strong, long-term relationships with customers. MCG is rapidly growing with the acquisition of Versify Solutions in 2019, Innotap in 2018, and Paragon Energy Solutions in 2017. Contact us today to learn how we can meet your company’s business needs.

MCG’s software line forms a dynamic and natively integrated Energy Software Suite. Applications can be used separately or together as a comprehensive wholesale and retail energy solution for the front, middle, and back office. Since 2017, the addition of Paragon, Innotap, and Versify to the MCG family of companies has expanded MCG’s Energy Software Suite and role as a leading provider of hosted energy solutions. Learn more about the entire MCG Energy Software Suite:

Integrated Asset Manager System (IAM) – An easy-to-use system for bid capture, physical scheduling and tagging, market submissions, market clearing, real time scheduling, performance reporting, and settlements.

MCG’s Paragon Energy Risk Manager System (ERM) – A fully integrated trading, credit, and market risk management solution for complex, multi-commodity energy companies.

MCG’s Paragon Credit Risk Manager System (CRM) – Combines state of the art technology with a rich feature set for managing credit risk, including counterparty, contract, collateral, exposure management, advanced credit analytics, and credit scoring.

Energy Accounting System (EAS) – Tracks and manages time-series data types, visualizes calculations (load, imbalance, contract, etc.), and tracks a meter’s data sources to generate an official profile based on the best available data.

MCG’s Versify Outage Management System (OMS) and Operator Log – An industry leading solution for handling the outage process from the initial request, through approval processes, to execution and coordination activities in the field and with ISOs/RTOs. Operator logging manages events, activities and compliance requirements in a single tool.

Hosted Data Services (HDS) – A single hosted platform for data warehousing and archiving, reporting, and long running queries outside of production systems.
Control Area Scheduling (CAS) – Fully featured interchange and transmission scheduling system integrating MCG Tagging and OASIS interfaces to automatically create, categorize, and track interchange and transmission schedules for reliability entities.

Innotap Data Suite – Organizes and displays data for wholesale energy transactions from a wide array of sources, with modules for a variety of ISOs and RTOs to aid and report on the decision making process.