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Disaster Response and Mutual Aid

Mutual Aid Playbook

The Mutual Aid Playbook (MAP) provides a process for coordinating activities, information, and resources across a three-tiered national network. The MAP is intentionally flexible and scalable to enable the successful coordination of mutual aid mobilizations for restoration events resulting from all hazards, including natural and man-made disasters and security or cybersecurity events that result in utility customer outages.

As the public power mutual aid community evolves and advances, state-level coordination continues to be an important function. Designated State Coordinators (DSCs) - individuals at utilities, joint action agencies, and state associations - play a key role in ensuring effective coordination among the responding groups. They work in real time to make connections between requesting and responding utilities in their state, State Emergency Operations Centers (EOCs), DSCs in other states, and APPA (during national events). 

This process and playbook are managed by the Public Power Mutual Aid Committee (MAC) with support from APPA staff. The MAC meets on a regular basis to test, evaluate, and improve the mutual aid network through the maintenance of a policy manual that governs the MAP, mutual aid role requirements and expectations, and related projects. 

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Quick Start Guide

Attachment A: National Mutual Aid Agreement

Attachment B: Contact Information (September 2021)

Attachment C: Coordination Meetings and Agendas

Attachment D: Utility Coordinator Job Aid

Attachment E: Designated State Coordinator Job Aid

Attachment F: National Coordinator Job Aid

Attachment G: Response Resources and Best Practices

Attachment I: Example Resource Information and Forms

If you are a utility experiencing widespread disaster-related outages in your area, then contact your designated state coordinator. For other inquiries, email us at [email protected].