Public Utility Accounting Supplemental Materials

Materials for Public Utility Accounting Class

1.    Public Utility Accounting Manual [PDF – 115 pages]

Updated in 2012, Public Utility Accounting provides management and staff of public power utilities with an overview of accepted utility accounting practices within the FERC prescribed Uniformed System of Accounts (USOA). This revised version of Public Utility Accounting features a significant amount of new information, including:

  • An expanded discussion on the importance of proper account coding;
  • An outline of the different types of electric utilities;
  • A explanation of how FERC represents an activity-based accounting system;
  • Information on understanding the FERC numbering system and how the various accounts “interact;”
  • A discussion surrounding capitalization policies; and
  • An introduction to basic utility rate design.

2.    2015 Code of Federal Regulations [PDF – 218 pages]

Materials for Advanced Public Utility Accounting Class

1.    Advanced Public Utility Accounting Manual [PDF – 120 pages]

Advanced Public Utility Accounting examines some of the more complicated practices in utility accounting, such as cost allocation, rate design, budgeting, and internal controls, and examines topics related to the analysis and interpretation of financial information. Substantially revised in 2019, Advanced Public Utility Accounting features:

  • Updates to the technical guidance of GASB standards relevant to public utilities
  • Review of introductory public utility accounting theory and practice
  • Cost allocation
  • Rate Design
  • Budgeting
  • Internal Controls
  • Analysis and Interpretation of financial information

2.   Financial and Operating Ratios of Public Power Systems, Published 2019 [PDF – 48 pages]

  • This is the latest in the annual report series prepared by the American Public Power Association on financial and operating ratios. Many of the ratios in this report were suggested by APPA’s Performance Management Committee and its predecessor, the Task Force on Performance Indicators. The report was prepared by the Regulatory Affairs Department. Members are encouraged to comment on the content and format of this report. Comments or questions should be directed to: Paul Zummo, Director, Policy Research and Analysis ([email protected])