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Electric Vehicles
For owners of electric vehicles who charge their EVs at home using a ChargePoint Home charger, “Alexa, charge my electric vehicle” has likely become a frequent command they give to the virtual assistant before retiring for the night. Taking advantage of the growth in interconnected devices in homes,
While public power utilities have repeatedly shown their ability to excel in helping each other out during large-scale mutual aid events, there are also plenty of examples where such aid takes the form of providing materials, as opposed to manpower.
Electricity Markets
Community choice aggregators in Northern California have filed a petition asking the California Public Utilities Commission to take action to restructure investor-owned utility, Pacific Gas and Electric, taking it out of the retail energy business and making it a “wires-only” company.
Distributed Energy Resources
Portland General Electric Company and NextEra Energy Resources unveiled plans to construct a new energy facility in Eastern Oregon combining 300 MW of wind generation with 50 MW of solar generation. The project will also include a battery storage component.
Electric Vehicles
American Municipal Power has teamed up with the Smart Electric Power Alliance to develop an electric vehicle toolkit and related guidebook for public power utilities. The project is being funded in part by a grant from the American Public Power Association’s Demonstration of Energy & Efficiency Development (DEED) program.
Energy Storage
Oil and gas company Shell has agreed to acquire 100% of Germany-based sonnen, a company that offers a residential storage product in the U.S.
The Occupational Safety and Health Administration in late January issued a final rule determining that collecting sensitive worker injury data through Forms 300 and 301 would subject the information to a meaningful risk of public disclosure.
Electric Vehicles
Texas-based public power utility Austin Energy is working with Pecan Street, a research organization, to test the use of electric vehicles as peak shaving tools and, eventually, as a grid resource.