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Electricity Markets
Braintree Electric Light Department in Massachusetts plans to retire a power plant because of ISO New England’s new pay-for-performance capacity market rules.
Disaster Response
Responding to a mutual aid request, crews from Missouri public power utilities over the weekend came to the assistance of Missouri’s Columbia Water & Light to help with power restoration efforts after a snow storm hit the city.
Smart Grid
Integrating the digital and physical worlds of the power grid through enterprise asset management can help utilities avoid unplanned equipment downtime that causes longer outages, lost revenue, increased risk, and a loss of performance of company assets.
Electricity Markets
The California Independent System Operator has finalized agreements with 32 of 39 electricity balancing authorities and transmission operators throughout the West expecting to receive reliability coordinator services from the ISO. Several of the parties that finalized agreements are public power entities.
Public power cities Austin, Texas, Orlando, Fla. and San Antonio, Texas, on Jan. 11 were included among the list of final winners in the Bloomberg American Cities Climate Challenge.
Electricity Markets
Facing at least $30 billion in wildfire-related liabilities, PG&E Corp. is preparing to file for bankruptcy, a move the company says will allow its electric and natural gas utility to keep operating.
Disaster Response
California public power utility Sacramento Municipal Utility District recently restored power to about 190,000 customers overall after a major storm hit northern California.
Smart Energy Use
A recent report from the Bonneville Power Administration identifies the potential to enhance the use of water heaters as a demand response tool.