Previous Roundtree Rising Star Award Recipients

This award, a $1,000 scholarship, recognizes individuals who have been employed with an Association member utility for five years or less, and must be recognized by peers as a future leader in public power.

Bednarski, Dennis
Oconomowoc Utilities
Oconomowoc, Wisconsin, 2009

Brower, Matt
City of Ocala, Florida, 2011

Cirrincione, Jane Dunn
Northern California Power Agency,
Roseville, California, 2006

Dupee, Steve
Oberlin Municipal Light & Power System, Indiana, 2004

Hodges, Dan
Colorado Association of Municipal Utilities, 2013

Hubbard, David
New Braunfels Utilities
New Braunfels, Texas, 2018

Nelson, Jennie
Elk River Municipal Utilities
Elk River, Minnesota, 2015

Nona C. Jones
Gainesville Regional Utilities, 2014

Krieger, Ed
Piqua Power System, 2013

Lacerte, Arthur J. Jr.
Kissimmee Utility Authority

Kissimmee, Florida, 2008

Lucas, Pamela S.
Montpelier Municipal Utilities
Montpelier,Ohio, 2007

Merriam, Chip
Orlando Utilities Commission, 2013

O’Connell, Brian 
Bowling Green Municipal Utilities
Bowling Green, Ohio, 2016

Phillips III, Harry
Richmond Power & Light

Indiana, 2003

Reimbold, Tracy L.
City of Newton Falls Light & Power

Newton Falls, Ohio, 2010

Roadman, Kyle
Emerald People's Utility District
Eugene, Oregon, 2017

Scudder, Danette
Tennessee Valley Public Power Association, 2012

Tremont, Devon
Taunton Municipal Lighting Plant
Taunton, Massachusetts, 2019

Weaver, Karen N.
City of Philippi, 2005