Previous Radin Award Recipients

The Radin Award is the highest award granted by the American Public Power Association and is bestowed in recognition of exceptional leadership and dedication to public power.

Allen, Thomas H.
Light, Gas and Water Division
Memphis, Tennessee, 1953

Baker, James E.
Electric Light Plant
Shrewsbury, Massachusetts, 1984

Bateman, Ivan L.
Department of Water and Power
Los Angeles, California, 1965

Billingsley, Kirby
Chelan County Public Utility District
Wenatchee, Washington, 1969

Billington, Ken
Washington Public Utility Districts' Association
Seattle, Washington, 1978

Boatright, Andrew "Andy"
Zeeland Board of Public Works
Zeeland, Michigan, 2019

Browder, Michael R.
Bristol Tennessee Electric System
Bristol, Tennessee, 2003

Brush, Earl
Board of Water and Light
Lansing, Michigan, 1984

Cannon, Glenn
Waverly Light & Power
Waverly, Iowa

Case, Stanley R.
Light and Power Department
Fort Collins, Colorado, 1979

Canney, Walter A.
Electric System
Lincoln, Nebraska, 1992

Carnahan, Bill D.
Public Utilities
Riverside, California, 1998

Carroll, William C.
Greeneville Light & Power System
Greeneville, Tennessee, 2014

Carter, Lonnie
Santee Cooper
Monks Corner, South Carolina, 2013

Claussen, Robert
Alabama Municipal Electric Authority
Montgomery, Alabama, 2004

Claussen, Vera
Grant County Public Utility District
Ephrata, Washington 1999

Cobb, Edward E.
Utilities Department
Huntsville, Alabama, 1976

Collette, Don
McMinnville Electric System
McMinnville, Tennessee, 1997

Collins, Michael F.
Municipal Light Department
Wakefield, Massachusetts, 1976

Crisson, Mark
Tacoma Public Utilities,
Tacoma, Washington, 2005 

Currie, Phyllis
Pasadena Water and Power

Pasadena, California, 2015      

DiFonzo, Paula
New Braunfels Utilities
New Braunfels, Texas, 2017   

Erickson, Claud R.
Board of Water and Light
Lansing, Michigan, 1970

Exum, Joe H.
Utility Division
Jackson, Tennessee, 1990

Finley, S.R.
Electric Power Board
Chattanooga, Tennessee, 1956

Freeman, S. David
Department of Water & Power
Los Angeles, California 1999

Gallagher, Bill
Vermont Public Power Supply Authority
Waterbury Center, Vermont, 2008

Grahl, James L.
Basin Electric Power Cooperative
Bismarck, North Dakota, 1973

Grantham-Richards, Maude
Farmington Electric Utility System
Farmington, New Mexico, 2011

Gerkin, Marc S.
American Municipal Power
Columbus, Ohio, 2012

Henze, Calvin R.
Florida Municipal Power Agency
Orlando, Florida, 1990

Hill, D.W.
Nebraska Public Power District
Columbus, Nebraska, 1975

Holum, Ken
Western Fuels Association, Inc.
Washington, D.C., 1985

Hoyt, Gordon W.
City of Anaheim, California, 1988

Hulbert, William G., Jr.
Snohomish County Public Utility District
Everett, Washington, 1977

Hunter, Douglas
Utah Associated Municipal Power Systems
Salt Lake City, Utah, 2018

Hurd, Owen W.
Washington Public Power Supply System
Kennewick, Washington, 1961

Huval, Terry
Lafayette Utilities System
Lafayette, Louisiana, 2010

Kelly, John R.
Public Utilities
Gainesville, Florida, 1971

Kennedy, J. Dillon (posthumous)
Electric Authority
Jacksonville, Florida, 1966

Kiburz, Max E.
Loup River Public Power District
Columbus, Nebraska, 1982

King, F.H.
Gas and Electric Department
Holyoke, Massachusetts, 1967

Kurtz, Michael
Gainesville Regional Utilities
Gainesville, Florida, 2002

McKinney, Robert L.
Cowlitz County Public Utility District No. 1
Longview, Washington, 1987

McMullin, R.J.
Salt River Project
Phoenix, Arizona, 1972

McNeil, Carolyn S.
Intermountain Consumer Power Association/Utah Associated Municipal Power Systems
Sandy, Utah, 1995

Michie, Thaine J.
Platte River Power Authority
Fort Collins, Colorado, 2000

Morris, Samuel B.
Department of Water and Power
Los Angeles, California, 1954

Mulloy, James L.
Department of Water and Power
Los Angeles, California, 1983

Nelson, John M.
Department of Lighting
Seattle, Washington, 1970

Nelson, Robert E.
City of Denton, Texas, 1994

Oliver, Carroll A.
Light and Power Department
Anchorage, Alaska, 1972

Peterson, William S.
Department of Water and Power
Los Angeles, California, 1960

Pfister, A.J.
Salt River Project
Phoenix, Arizona, 1980

Pierce, Alfred L.
Electric Works
Wallingford, Connecticut, 1953

Quiniones, Gil 
White Plains, New York, 2017

Radin, Alex
American Public Power Association
Washington, D.C., 1986

Raver, Dr. Paul J.
Department of Lighting
Seattle, Washington, 1959

Roundtree, Robert E.
City Utilities
Springfield, Missouri, 1993

Schacht, R.L.
Consumers Public Power District
Columbus, Nebraska, 1964

Schaufelberger, Don E.
Nebraska Public Power District
Columbus, Nebraska, 1989

Schori, Jan 
Sacramento Municipal Utility District
Sacramento, Calif.

Simonton, Fred G. (posthumous)
Mid-West Electric Consumers Association
Evergreen, Colorado, 1986

Stauffer, Gary 
Nebraska Municipal Power Pool (NMPP Energy)
Lincoln, Nebraska, 2016

Thilly, Roy
Wisconsin Public Power Inc.
Sun Prairie, Wisconsin, 2001

Twitty, John R.
City Utilities of Springfield Missouri, 2009

Walkley, Glenn
Franklin County Public Utility District
Pasco, Washington, 1981