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White House Unveils Three Nominees for the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission

The White House on Feb. 29 announced the nomination of two Democrats, Judy Chang and David Rosner, and one Republican, Lindsay See, to serve as Commissioners on the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission.

FERC currently has two vacancies and one Commissioner, Allison Clements, who is not seeking a second term when her term expires at the end of June.

Judy Chang is the former Undersecretary of Energy and Climate Solutions for Massachusetts, David Rosner is an energy industry analyst for FERC, currently on detail to the Senate Energy & Natural Resources Committee majority staff, and Lindsay See is the Solicitor General of West Virginia.

The nominees will be considered by the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee before being considered by the full Senate.

President Biden on Feb. 9 designated Willie Phillips, Jr. as Chair of FERC. Biden in January 2023 named Phillips as Acting Chairman of FERC.

Phillips has served as a FERC Commissioner since November 2021. He is serving a Commission term that ends June 30, 2026.

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