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What keeps electrical workers safe?

An array of special gear and equipment keeps crew members safe while working on electrical equipment and lines.

Hard hat: insulated and rigid to protect workers from contact with electrical hazards or falling objects. Includes slots for adding in ear protection or face shields, when necessary.

Glasses: Keep glare and objects/small debris from workers’ eyes.

Gloves: Workers wear two layers of gloves. Insulated rubber gloves protect from electric shocks and burns, and an outer pair of leather gloves help keep the rubber gloves from getting punctured or torn.

Rubber sleeves: Worn over clothes to protect workers from accidental contact with live lines or other equipment.

Safety Strap/Harness: Either connected to the inside of a bucket truck or attached around the pole to prevent falls.

Clothing: Arc rated clothing such as jeans and shirts are made from flame resistant materials and avoid using metal components (buttons, zippers).

Boots: Reinforced steel or ceramic toe, with serrated heels and reinforced sole for support in climbing and working on poles.

Rope/Handline: Includes a pulley and steel clips to assist with lifting and lowering materials and acts as a lifeline in the event of an emergency.

Hot stick: Insulated fiberglass tool used when working with live lines and equipment.

listing of different lineworker gear

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