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Voltage Conversion Project in Mount Hope, Kansas, Remains on Schedule

A voltage conversion project in Mount Hope, Kansas, is progressing smoothly and remains on schedule, Kansas joint action agency KPP Energy said.

The project aims to convert the existing last remaining 4,160 volt distribution system to 12,470 volts, which will improve the power quality and reliability for the customers in the area, James Ging, Director of Engineering Services, noted in an update on KPP Energy projects in the January issue of KPP Energy’s Lightning Round newsletter.

Kilian Power, the contractor hired by KPP Energy for the project, mobilized one crew to begin the conversion work on December 11.

The crew started with the last remaining 4160V circuit, which serves about 200 customers in the west part of Mount Hope.

“The crew has been working diligently to replace the transformers and poles along the circuit, while minimizing the impact on the customers. The crew expects to complete the circuit conversion by the end of March,” Ging noted.

Another benefit of the Mount Hope voltage conversion project is that it will allow the retirement of the old 4160V substation, decreasing the dependency on antiquated equipment.

The old equipment has been in service for over 50 years and has reached the end of its useful life. By retiring the old equipment, Mount Hope will reduce the risks of failures that could affect the customers’ service quality.

The old equipment’s retirement is scheduled to take place after the circuit conversion and after ensuring that all customers have been switched to the new 12,470V system.

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