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Virginia Selects Voltus as Demand Response Provider

Voltus Inc. has been chosen as the preferred vendor for the demand response program for the Virginia Department of Energy, Voltus said on Feb. 21.

Voltus was selected by the Virginia Department of Energy to help participating Commonwealth facilities earn revenue and generate savings by reducing electricity use in response to grid signals, such as high demand, inadequate supply, high prices and high emissions.

Over 400 public facilities in Virginia, including airports, universities, K-12 schools, municipal buildings, and wastewater treatment and recycling plants, will have the opportunity to enroll with Voltus.

“The Voltus platform will enhance performance during dispatches, track demand response earnings and avoided carbon emissions, and identify new energy efficiency and demand response opportunities, thus creating an increased financial opportunity for Commonwealth facilities,” the company said.

“Most of our existing customers, like the Commonwealth, participated in PJM demand response programs for years prior to partnering with Voltus,” said Matthew Plante, President at Voltus.

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