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UAMPS, NuScale Power Agree to Terminate Carbon Free Power Project

Utah Associated Municipal Power Systems and NuScale Power announced on Nov. 8 that they have mutually agreed to terminate a small modular reactor project called the Carbon Free Power Project.

Despite significant efforts by both parties to advance the CFPP, “it appears unlikely that the project will have enough subscription to continue toward deployment. Therefore, UAMPS and NuScale have mutually determined that ending the project is the most prudent decision for both parties,” a news release related to the announcement said.

"This decision is very disappointing given the years of pioneering hard work put into the CFPP by UAMPS, CFPP LLC, NuScale, U.S. Department of Energy, and the UAMPS member communities that took the leadership role to launch the CFPP," said UAMPS CEO and General Manager Mason Baker.

"Yet, this decision is the best course for the UAMPS members participating in the CFPP and doing what is best for those member communities will always be the guiding light in such decisions,” he said.

“We have learned many invaluable lessons during the development of the CFPP that we will carry forward in future development work to meet the future energy needs of the UAMPS member communities. We look forward to continuing to provide innovative and cost-effective new resource solutions to our members, and, at the same time, we hope NuScale is successful in deploying its technology,” Baker said.

"We are working closely with NuScale and the U.S. Department of Energy on next steps to wind the project down,” Baker said.

"Through our work with UAMPS and our partnership with the U.S. Department of Energy, we have advanced our NuScale Power Modules™ to the point that utilities, governments and industrials can rely on a proven small modular reactor (SMR) technology that has regulatory approval and is in active production,” said NuScale President and CEO John Hopkins.

“Our work with CFPP over the past ten years has advanced NuScale technology to the stage of commercial deployment; reaching that milestone is a tremendous success which we will continue to build on with future customers," said Hopkins.

"NuScale will continue with our other domestic and international customers to bring our American SMR technology to market and grow the U.S. nuclear manufacturing base, creating jobs across the U.S. We thank UAMPS for the collaboration that has enabled this advancement," he said.

UAMPS is an interlocal agency of the State of Utah, established in 1980. As a project-based energy services entity, UAMPS provides a variety of power supply, transmission, and other services to its 50 members, which include public power utilities in seven western states: Utah, Arizona, California, Idaho, Nevada, New Mexico, and Wyoming.

The CFPP LLC is wholly owned by UAMPS and was created to develop the Carbon Free Power Project on behalf of participating UAMPS members.

Other Public Power Entities and SMRs

Other public power entities are pursuing SMRs.

The Tennessee Valley Authority, Ontario Power Generation, Synthos Green Energy, and GE Hitachi Nuclear Energy in March 2023 said that they are teaming up to advance the global deployment of a small modular reactor.

TVA, OPG and SGE will invest in the development of the GE Hitachi Nuclear Energy BWRX-300 standard design and detailed design for key components, including reactor pressure vessel and internals.

In January, the Nebraska Public Power District said it is beginning the process of studying sites that could have the potential to host advanced small modular nuclear reactors.

Washington State-based Energy Northwest and X-Energy Reactor Company LLC on July 19 announced the signing of a joint development agreement for up to 12 advanced small modular reactors in central Washington capable of generating up to a total of 960 megawatts of electricity. Energy Northwest expects to bring the first module online by 2030. 

Under the agreement, the project is expected to be developed at a site controlled by Energy Northwest adjacent to Columbia Generating Station. 

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