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TVA, Knoxville Utilities Board Participate in Mobility and Utility Network Platform for EV Charging

Rhythmos on Sept. 19 announced the commercial deployment of its mobility and utility network management platform in East Tennessee through a collaborative demonstration project with the Tennessee Valley Authority and an Electric Power Research Institute program.

Tennessee public power utility Knoxville Utilities Board will be the first utility system to implement Rhythmos’ predictive analytics software solution “to provide vital data such as EV detection, charging characterization, day-ahead forecasting, and transformer loading,” the company said.

Rhythmos’ data will allow KUB to identify, quantify, forecast, and control EV charging needs to minimize grid impact. The data will also inform operational planning, procurement and rate design.

A key feature of the Rhythmos solution is its ability to provide comprehensive loading analysis on each distribution service transformer in KUB’s distribution system. This includes an assessment of the impact of EV loading on service transformers.

By ingesting data from KUB's 250,000 Advanced Metering Infrastructure meters and Geographic Information System data, Rhythmos will analyze meter intervals to precisely detect EV charging points within the distribution system.

Rhythmos will also characterize EV charging behavior -- such as frequency and time of day -- based on historical meter data, which will provide KUB with insight into EV charging load projections for the next day.

To earn this rapid deployment demonstration with KUB, Rhythmos was one of 16 companies to earn a place in EPRI’s 2023 IncubateEnergy Labs cohort.

EPRI provides independent testing of Rhythmos' energy management analytics and algorithm performance based on EPRI’s evaluation of the effectiveness of Rhythmos' EV detection and day-ahead forecasting functionalities.

The assessment of this demonstration will extend to exploring the potential impact on utility rates, resulting in a comprehensive report outlining the rate implications of the solutions presented, Rhythmos said.

The results of this partnership will be presented on November 1st at EPRI’s Incubatenergy Demo Day.

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