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Tour of Facilities Strengthens Kennett Board of Public Works Relationship With City Officials

A recent tour by Kennett, Mo., city officials of Kennett Board of Public Works facilities and a presentation related to Kennett Board of Public Works strengthens the city public power utility’s working relationship with city officials, said Jamie Chitester, CEO of Kennett’s City Light Gas and Water.

CLGW is governed by a four-member board whose members are appointed by the mayor of Kennett and approved by the City Council.

The Kennett Board of Public Works is responsible for establishing CLGW’s policies, rules, and regulations that govern the day-to-day operations of the utility system.

After a brief presentation covering the past, present and, future of the Kennett Board of Public Works, the City Council toured the city’s power generation plant, the water treatment plant, and the fiber to the home server room.

“By providing the educational night and tours to the Mayor and City Council members, the Board of Public Works was able to strengthen our working relationship with city officials,” said Chitester.

“We were able to share our history, our current and future projects, and answer questions about our operations,” he said.

Tours for the City of Kennett officials help to enable city officials to become knowledgeable and understand the value that a municipally owned utility provides to the citizens of Kennett, Chitester said.

“By educating city officials, they are able to better respond to inquiries from their constituents. We appreciated the participation and interest from our city officials and enjoyed our time together building relationships and providing information,” he said.

Bridging the knowledge gap between the City Council and the Board of Public Works “will benefit the utility as well as the Council for years to come.”

Officials from Kennett Board of Public Works participating in the tour were Kennett Board of Public Works Board Member Townsend Sparks, Chitester, CLGW Chief Operating Officer Marty Johnson, and CLGW Chief Human Resources Officer Jill Rickman.