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Steve Andersen to Lead Clark Public Utilities Energy Resources Department

Clark Public Utilities CEO and General Manager Lena Wittler recently announced that the utility’s current Power Manager, Steve Andersen, will transition to the role of Director of Energy Resources beginning April 1, 2024.

The current Director of Energy Resources, Dan Bedbury, is retiring at the end of March.

Andersen joined Washington State's Clark Public Utilities as a full time employee in 2021, following decades of consulting work with the utility’s power supply and planning team.

He has 25 years of experience developing wholesale power supply pricing and cost analysis, financial analysis, integrated resource planning, and rate design for electric utilities including Clark Public Utilities.

“During a time of historically extreme weather patterns, a volatile power market and an increasingly complex regulatory landscape as utilities transition to clean energy sources, Steve brings deep experience in all of these areas as it relates specifically to customer-owned, nonprofit power providers here in the Pacific Northwest,” Wittler said. “I appreciate that he and Mr. Bedbury will have the next two months to transition the team for continued stability and success, and look forward to welcoming Steve to our senior leadership team in the spring.”

The Energy Resources department includes Power Supply, Energy Services, River Road Generating Plant, Clean Energy Program Management, and Energy Resources Administrative Services.

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